Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The month of November

Once upon a time, it was Halloween, and then I blinked, and it was Thanksgiving.  And I was all, magic exists, right?  Because there's no way that the entire month of November went by unless I entered a space-time continuum.  And THAT, my friends, is what we call sound logic.

So I was sitting here, trying to think about what to blog about, seeing as I have EVERYTHING and NOTHING to talk about at the same time, when I was like, maybe I should just show you a bunch of pictures from my phone from recent days.  And that will probably take care of it.

This is a cool structure thing that lights up that I took with my pixlr app.  I can't remember if I posted it here already.  But it's cool, and it was by the Creator's Project, and I didn't actually take it in November.

That same day in a month that was not November, I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge just for the heck of it.  I couldn't take any pictures at the first archway because of the gajillions of tourists, but I did take this one at the second archway.

I also saw this...

I have no idea what was going on with these people in their weird masks walking in slow motion towards each other.  Probably a movie for a school project or radical movement that will never come to fruition.  It was weird enough that I took a picture, but not weird enough that I tried to figure it out.  This is New York, after all.  Some things just aren't meant to be over-analyzed.

One day, Travis took us all to an orchard so we could pick apples, which was more difficult than I originally thought it would be.  We ate apple cider donuts and all was right with the world.

Then, like, a day later, it snowed.  Andrea was still in her Halloween costume, due to the fact that she had stayed at my place the night before, but I was nice enough to loan her some sweatpants and a shirt.  They didn't match, though, which she greatly appreciated when we ended up hanging out in public until like 10pm.

Adorable baby cupcake costume.  I shall dress my child in this one day.

Dude in dog suit.  Just search on Twitter for #dudeindogsuit.  You won't regret it.

Heather was very sleepy one day when we went to Macy's to eat lunch for 5 hours.  #OccupyMacys.  It's happened more than once.

I went to Lani Kai with my boss to check out the venue for an upcoming event.  The tune poke was delish, and we had these swizzle drinks.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember what was in mine because it was now several weeks ago, but I do remember that it was delicious.

Heather, Kristine and I went shopping multiple times.  Kristine tried on this hat and I made her stay like that until I took a picture.  Then I bought the hat in gray.

I don't wear it like that.

I also went with Heather and Krissy to pick out their new kitten, Burglar.  When we were at the ASPCA, they joked that they should name her Burglar, and I thought they were kidding.  But, uhm, they weren't.

Her nickname is Burgie.  BURGALICIOUS, DEFINITION.

We watched the NYC Marathon in Brooklyn, which was super fun.  I felt like I had put forth so much effort that day because I was in close proximity to people running a heckuvalot.  That's how it works, right?  So it didn't matter that I promptly ate wings and fries?  That's what I thought.

Brendan had a party in Bushwick, which I sadly do not have any photos of, and the commute home was very long.  Jack and Jenny fell asleep waiting for the L train to head to my apartment, so I took a picture of them.  I mean, I fell asleep too.  But I woke up first, so I won that game.

Heather and I watched Brittany compete (and win!) in an American Bar Association mock trial competition.  I would expect nothing less from the Fordham law team.  Then we went to the Gap and got a free appetizer for checking into a restaurant.

The above photo is the view from the courthouse (goin' to the courthouse!) in case you were wondering about relevance and stuff.

Other things that remain undocumented: I think I may be partially living in a world where I believe the Hunger Games is real, Reece and I are planning on getting a Christmas tree, I had a fabulouso Thanksgiving (which I will blog about, if I remember), I have to renew my license and abandon my Connecticut stateship, and I sometimes go to the gym in the morning (what??).

Oh, and my headphones like to call random people throughout the day when they are plugged into my phone.  So, like, sorry if I do that.

Peace out, cub scouts, and I hope your November has been lovely thus far.