Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transitions Suck

I bought these mini peanut butter cups at Trader Joes last week and I must report that they are highly addictive.

I'm dressed in Halloween colors.  I suggested to Andrea that I should be Halloween for Halloween.  That would be so meta.

Today I'm having a real oh-god-is-this-seriously-the-rest-of-my-life day.  I made my first sale today, but it just feels so inconsistent and difficult and I'm afraid I'm going to be a failure.  And it's hard because I'm not at a permanent apartment and I'm living out of a suitcase and I can't settle into a routine.  And I like to settle, dammit!

I don't do well with transitions, I'm exceedingly neurotic, and I need to take up yoga.

Who wants to hang out with me tomorrow??

Monday, June 27, 2011


When you're roommates for three years, you start to talk in similar styles:

I have to be up in six hours.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

How Old is this Rum, and Other Grad Party Questions

This weekend was my grad party, which I have been looking forward to since I made my "Save the Date" Facebook event a month and a half ago.

Luckily, the rain held out for most of the party, and we had lots of friends and family to eat and drink our food and beverage.  I forgot to write down all the funny stuff we said throughout the day/night, but those who were cool enough to come know it all.

And, my favorite buddy of all came to wish me happy graduation!

This is Jacen, my best bud, and he quickly took over my party by being the most adorable graduate in attendance.

I think maybe I'll come to his second birthday party this weekend and show him just what it feels like.  Just kiddingggggg!!

Amy and I needed to try to take a nice picture because we don't have any.  Most of them involve funny faces and exercise balls.

It took us awhile, though, so Alex snapped these photos.

They probably describe our relationship better than a nice picture.  Question... why are we like this?

Around 6, it started monsooning and I started telling people that the easy up was going to break.  Everyone told me that it was fine.  Then this happened.  Why did it happen?  Another question.  Poor easy up.

But of course, we still needed to get beer, so Travis and I tag teamed it and braved the rain.  I was kind enough to share my umbrella.  I'm good like that.  Take away the keg, and this might be a quite adorable photo.  Why did we keep the keg so far away from the house?  The questions continue.

There was one real mystery of the night, though.  Once we had our fill of beer and wine, we decided that rum was much needed.  Nobody could drive to the package store, and my brother had gone off to be cool with his friends and their trucks, so my mom searched her cabinets for some rum.

We found this.  Seems normal, right?  Perhaps a couple of years old.  But nothing more, correct?

Except it apparently cost $4.90.  I'm not sure if you know this, but in a normal universe, Bacardi does not cost 4.90.  Try quadrupling that.

Also, the back of the bottle had six recipes, was missing a "don't drink if you're pregnant" warning, and spelled rum like "rhum."

And finally, if you would like any more recipes, the bottle instructs you to write to Bacardi for a... recipe booklet.

So, can someone please tell me the answer to this most important question... how old is this rum??

Honestly, I don't really care.  Rum is rum is rum.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate and party with me!  I had the best time!

I have watched five episodes of Gilmore Girls today,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Phased Out

I survived my first week of work!  Hurray!  Post-graduate success seems attainable!

I took the train home after work today and found my parents and all three sets of grandparents at our kitchen table because tomorrow is my brother and my epic graduation party!  We are definitely having a lot of people over, but evidently my mother thinks we're hosting an army.  We have 24 pounds of pork for pulled pork, six gallon freezer bags of chicken, 38 sausages for sausage and peppers, and 3 pans of lasagna.  That is not including the appetizers, dessert, s'mores, a keg, wine, and... oh wait.  A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!  It almost seems too good to be true.

So, the potential that I will be live-blogging from my party tomorrow is fairly high.  Just warning you now.

Anyways, I pretty much packed my stuff up last week, but when I walked into my room, it looked about the same.

But then I looked to the right (err, left in this backwards PhotoBooth photo).

And I was like, damn, this sucks.  I hate change.  It sucks.  But I do love moving to Manhattan.  Well, I think, so far at least.

And then I saw this.

My brother has already started to move his shit into my room.  Really??  I'VE BEEN GONE ONE WEEK!  It's probably just a... coping mechanism... because he misses me... yeah...

Whatever.  I get to drink tomorrow.  WHEEEE!

Gotta rest off for partyyyy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Walking in NYC: A Rage Comic

Today I walked from 45th and 6th to 61st and 1st, then to 91st and 1st, then to 97th and Lex, then around the East Village.  I encountered this scenario a lot.  I blame this on Amy for sending me this rage comic website.

Now I have a reason to join reddit.

New obsession???

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Want to Be Internet Famous

All these people who are Internet famous are like, "one day I was living my normal boring life and I had this random idea and then I was famous and I can't believe it this is so crazy."  Like the Pioneer Woman.  Or Texts From Last Night.  Or Amy's other BFF Teresa who has this website called My Mom is a Fob, which is actually really hilarious, and now she has a book deal and can afford a way better apartment than me.  And I just ask myself... why can't I be one of those people??

Or this girl, who created a YouTube channel, in, like, March, and is now mad viral and famous.  Plus, I want her to be my friend because we have so many things in common.  LIKE being in our early adulthood.  In New York City.  Living in tiny-ass apartments.  Drinking a lot.  Saying funny shit.  Being slightly nerdy.  ALL OF THESE THINGS!  She made My Drunk Kitchen and it's really effing hilarious.  This is my favorite episode because it's about tacos and I love tacos and margaritas.

I don't want to be Internet famous because of the fame or the money (okay, a little bit, maybe).  I want to be Internet famous because I really love external validation most of the time.  Why do you think I have this blog where I just talk about whatever I want all the time?  I'm not gonna come back and read this crap (well, except for maybe the Jorge incident).  I want you people to read my blog, think it's awesome, and then tell me that.  And you do, sometimes.  And I love you for that.

So really, people... help me think of something.  My last name is a rap slang term, for crying out loud.  It just needs to happen.


Monday, June 20, 2011

What To Eat When You're Broke

Today was my first day of work, and I belieeeeve I shall adjust to corporate life quite well.  The people are great (another Fordham grad is a newbie too, if the company hired two Fordham grads, they obvs know what's good for them) and I think once I get into the groove of things, it'll go smoothly.  And commuting from Brooklyn is actually a lot better than I thought... though I can't wait to get to the UES.

Until my first paycheck comes in, or at least until after my gradumacation party on Saturday (whee!), I'm kind of broke.  Andrea and I went to the grocery store yesterday, and for the first time, I seriously paid attention to the prices of food.  So now, I shall instruct you on what one can eat when they are on a budget.

Tuna sandwich.  Tuna = on sale + not bad without condiments = buy 5 cans and eat every day.

Enjoy that tuna sandwich, college grad.

It was your idea to move to Manhattan and leave behind your free shrimp scampi and steak 'n potatoes.  Eat.  Every.  Last.  Bite.  Of.  That.  Shit.

Steal your ex-roomie's spices to pretend like you're not eating tuna from a can and generic brand mayo.  You're quite the gourmet chef, my friend.  A regular MacGyver.

Bread you bought for tuna + cherry jam (on sale) + crunchy peanut butter that your roomie used to have at your old apartment which basically makes it yours = PB&J!!  Good job, you just got yourself some VARIETY!  10 points for Gryffindor!

Chex Mix, 2 for $3, on sale.  No Cheez-its for you, madam.  $4.59 a BOX?  I'm not DONALD TRUMP over here, friends, do you see a comb over anywhere on this head??

Carrots = necessary.  Need.  No matter what.  Hummus, not on sale = SPLURGE!  Guard with your life.  It's spinach and artichoke flavor.

Greek yogurt = 5 for $4.  Hello, breakfast!  You need your protein, commuter.

And lots and lots of.... water.  FREE SUSTENANCE!  Drink up, my friend, because you shall be consuming this in abundance until you can shank some leftovers from the pulled pork this weekend.  Can you say "WINNING!!!!"???

I like food.  I miss food.  Please come back.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Last Friday Night

Oh hey, my title is the name of a Katy Perry song.  OH WAIT AND IT'S SUCH A FITTING DESCRIPTION OF TONIGHT!!  Tonight is my last Friday night in the CT, and I'm celebrating it with mah girlies at a sleepover and bar night.  OH AND IT'S BECKY'S BIRTHDAY!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!  You're old.  Stop being not 21 anymore.

I'm bringing all the alcohols left over from my booze fridge at school.  DO I SEE AN ORIGINAL WATERMELON FOUR LOKO IN THAT HAND??  Why, yes, I do.  Thanks Chris and Rachel!  I still haven't drunk (drinken?  drank?  what?) it.  Sorry.

Also, I got some hairs cut.  Youlike??

This is what my room looks like.  I'm not done packing.  All of those duffel bags and bins are clothes.  I think I have a problem.  I will never stop buying clothes.  Except for the fact that I'm going to be poor soon.  I would sell them for the cash moneys if I didn't buy all my clothes from, like, Target.

Time to go party, people!  I do not apologize in advance for any drunk texts you may receive!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Lisa

Just to let you all know, yes, I am currently moving and packing and I leave Saturday and my job starts on Monday and I'll have an apartment July first and I found a roommate and this weekend was really exhausting and I'll post about that tomorrow.  But this post is not about that.
This morning, I received a very sad and unexpected phone call from the father of one of my close high school friends that I have since fallen out of touch with.  He told me that, sadly, Lisa passed away last night unexpectedly while she was at work.  I've spent today talking with old friends, all of us in shock and disbelief, and looking at old pictures of all of us.

I don't have a lot that I want to say here publicly, but many things have been going through my head all day.  I can't imagine anything more tragic than this, a woman who was loved by many and had so much potential dying long before her time was up.  It makes every moment seem that much more important.

Lisa was the kind of person who was kind to everyone she met.  Regardless of how she was feeling on a given day, she was always smiling.  I suppose she was the true embodiment of "positivity."  Her laugh was contagious.  I can't think of a person who was more of an example of being truly beautiful on both the inside and the outside.  Despite the fact that we hadn't spoken much in recent years, Lisa, you touched my life, as you did many others.  We cannot believe that you are gone, and I don't think that any of us ever will be able to.

You are greatly loved and missed by both family and friends, but we know that you are the newest smiling, laughing angel looking over us all now.  Thank you for being a part of my life, Miss Lisa Grady, and for making it that much better as a result.

Lots and lots and lots of love,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best Budssss

GChat love.

Yearbook Photos = Great Entertainment

Colleen and I got bored and decided to look through old yearbooks.  Oh, what an excellent idea that was.

These photos really don't need any explanation.

7th grade, Becky Dube.  Y so surrious??

I've finally gotten to the age where I'm starting to this this is cute, not ugly.  Baby fat ahoy.

"Colleenie," where's all your hair, gurl?

Future valedictorian right here, folks.

Babyfaced Nick Pantuosco.

WHO IS THAT ADORABLE CHILD??  Oh wait, it's me.

Colleen is a crayon!!

Angel face Becks.

We should have all known right here that Nick was going to become a professional wrestler.  The signs point to yes.

I can't even handle that we have a five year reunion next fall.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Skype Date

Looking for roommates feels like dating.  I suck at dating.  I don't do it very often.

Wooooooowww that sounded so pathetic.

So anyways, I'm just chillin' here with Erin waiting to have a Skype potential roomie date and watching Man v. Food.  Some of the food makes me want to nom.  Some makes me want to vom.  OH HEY THAT RHYMED!!!

Uhm so anyways since we're bored we decided to do this...

Oh herro, dere, can I see you???

Nommin on glasses?

I don't even know.

Oh dear.



Let us ponder...

Oh yeah, that's my cat.  I took this picture a couple weeks ago.  He's pretty cool.

Uhmmmmm I have nothing else to write kthxbye.

Courtney and Erin bein' fools