Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Bachelor's Degree Served A Purpose??

I am the worst blogger ever.  Why do I even try??

So as of sometime before noon tomorrow, I will officially be an employed college graduate.  I just have to fax in my acceptance of employment and I will be an Account Executive at Cision in the city.  I can no longer whine and complain about having no job and being stuck in po'dunkville Connecticut... but I'm sure I will find something else to lament about.

OH WAIT!!  I have it already.  Where the f am I going to live??  I currently know nobody who is moving to Manhattan/BK, and I definitely can't afford an apartment on my own (nor do I want to, being the social creature that I am.  Pre-gaming alone is generally looked down upon.  Although then I would have fewer problems walking around in my underwear).  So after two days of no leads on roommates, I have spent the day scouring Craigslist for roommates/apartments/sublets/people who won't kill me hopefully.  If you are one of those people that I emailed, hi.  Yes, I'm the only Courtney Schiessl in existence (ayyyoooo).  Yes, my last name is a rap slang term.  Yes, I like to think I can bro out better than I actually can.  And yes, I love to rage.  And watch reality television.  I'm quite a unique individual.

I'm fairly certain I sound like the least appealing roommate ever.  Whatevs.  Andrea loves me.  Too bad she ditched me for a one bedroom in Brooklyn.  I'm not... jealous... or anything...

BUT I FELT LIKE I should document this momentous occasion with a blog entry, which has subsequently turned out to be slightly anticlimactic.  I don't think I'll really comprenday how I feel about all this craziness until I jump into it, which is cool and whatever.  Oh, except I know how I'll feel about moving day.  IT WILL SUCK.  Anyone want to help me move a full-sized bed into a walk-up?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller??

How long do you think that people will reference that movie?  Forever, I hope.

I just realized that last Friday was the first Friday that I didn't think of the song "Friday."  Thank the freaking lord.  I thought it would never go away.

I'm ashamed that referencing Ferris Bueller's Day Off made me think of Rebecca Black.

This post is really turning stream-of-consciousness.  I think I should go now.


I wish I was cooler,

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