Friday, June 24, 2011

Phased Out

I survived my first week of work!  Hurray!  Post-graduate success seems attainable!

I took the train home after work today and found my parents and all three sets of grandparents at our kitchen table because tomorrow is my brother and my epic graduation party!  We are definitely having a lot of people over, but evidently my mother thinks we're hosting an army.  We have 24 pounds of pork for pulled pork, six gallon freezer bags of chicken, 38 sausages for sausage and peppers, and 3 pans of lasagna.  That is not including the appetizers, dessert, s'mores, a keg, wine, and... oh wait.  A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!  It almost seems too good to be true.

So, the potential that I will be live-blogging from my party tomorrow is fairly high.  Just warning you now.

Anyways, I pretty much packed my stuff up last week, but when I walked into my room, it looked about the same.

But then I looked to the right (err, left in this backwards PhotoBooth photo).

And I was like, damn, this sucks.  I hate change.  It sucks.  But I do love moving to Manhattan.  Well, I think, so far at least.

And then I saw this.

My brother has already started to move his shit into my room.  Really??  I'VE BEEN GONE ONE WEEK!  It's probably just a... coping mechanism... because he misses me... yeah...

Whatever.  I get to drink tomorrow.  WHEEEE!

Gotta rest off for partyyyy!

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