Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Five Things From The Past Five Days

Let's get caught up on the recent news in la vie de Courtney.

One: We went to Poughkeepsie this weekend.

It was basically too awesome for words.  Or memory, apparently.  But we did take some good pictures.

Like this picture from the bus that took us between bars.

Or this picture of Connor and Andy dancing.

Or this picture of bros being bros, as always.

All I have to say is if that was any indication, my grad party is going to be Ah.  May.  Zing.

Two: There was a tornado in a city twenty minutes away.

Listen, Mother Nature, I don't know if you know this, but tornadoes suck.  Also, I live in Connecticut, not Oklahoma or Kansas or whatever.  What is a tornado doing all the way over here?  I'm very confused. Check out some of the crazy video and pictures in this ABC News article.

AND ALSO the article says that "there are an average of two tornadoes every year in Massachusetts."  WHAT??  YOU ARE BLOWING MY MIND ABC NEWS!!

Advice from tornado expert Andrea: wear a bike helmet when hiding from tornadoes.  I don't think I have one.  I'm screwed.

(Let's hope that the weather stays safe tonight and tomorrow please!)

Three: I had interviews today in Manhattan.

Woooo!!  It was pretty sweet.  But I will not talk about them any more because I do not want to jinx them.  Instead, I will say this: it was so hot out.  It was so humid.  It was so gross.  I hate having to walk around and be all gross and sweaty and ick.  I stopped in like every Starbucks I could to cool off.  Good thing there's one on every block.

I also read a whole book.  I also had to take a bus.  It was rush hour.  I got bus-sick from reading on the bus.  Blah.

Four: I got coffee on my way home and it sucked.

It was from McDonald's at a rest stop.  Figures.  Gross.

And lastly: Who invented those really, really bright headlights on cars that look sort of blue-ish?

I hate them because they are really stupid.  They are too bright, and they blind me, and they look blue in my rear view mirror, so when I glance at the mirror, I think there is a cop behind me and I freak out.  Even if I'm not speeding.  Because I really can't afford a ticket for any reason right now.

Five things from the past five days.  Now we are all caught up.  Now isn't that grand?

Time to go get a snack and watch How I Met Your Mother,

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