Sunday, October 31, 2010

Facebook is Such Trouble for Me

I have such a problem with Facebook.  I mean, I'm pretty sure every other college student in the US does too, so I'm cool with it, but seriously.  It's such a problem.

Facebook apparently doesn't really want to help me fix this problem (oh, I wonder why?) because I was wasting time the other day when I saw this new thing.  Facebook has yet another new feature.  I really wanted you to get the full experience, so I think I'll just show you what happened.

Oh, hey, I'm on Facebook and I'm pretty bored and/or not doing my homework on purpose.

I guess I'll look up Heather's profile and see what the heck she's doing, although I will probably see her in an hour.

(I did not put Heather's Facebook profile on here because she is an RA and she would not appreciate that.  Effin' RA's.) 

Hey, what's that thing underneath Heather's profile picture?

Hmm, I'm gonna click it.

And then, BAM!  A profile was created for... Heather's and my friendship.  My mind was blown.

Please take note of the adorable photo chosen for our profile picture and the really thoughtful wall posts that we shared.  There was also a whole set of photos of Heather and me.

Like this one!  Spring Weekend, freshman year.  We were such babies then.

So naturally, I started looking up other people...

My roommate Andrea and me!  Profile picture: Halloween, sophomore year, in our room.  Andrea was the same costume for Halloween LAST night too!  Carmen Sandiego, anyone?

This was my personal favorite of our shared pictures... rockin' out to Aquanett sophomore year at the Four Town Fair.

You can also browse... other people's friendships.  Creepy?  Yes.  Doing it anyways?  Yes.

This is Diana and Andrea's friendship.  Their picture brings back so many TIERNEY memories!

Diana and I have, by far, the best profile picture.  I LOLed when I saw it.

We also have the best throwback photo.  We look SO LITTLE here!!!  I want to be a freshman again sometimes, and then I think... but then I would be a freshman.  And I still want to do it.

Jen was up next.  We have lots of nice pictures because Jen is a mama and she makes me try to be an adult but I couldn't resist this photo...

Trying to sit on Jeremy's lap and take a picture, freshman year, my room.  I think we have a lot of these.

Amy and I have a job to do over Thanksgiving and winter break, which is to make our Facebook friendship as closely mimic our real friendship as possible.  Facebook says we don't even have a picture together, which is not true.  Nevertheless, this is a sad sight and it must be fixed.

My little brother is probably glad that this is the extent of our Facebook friendship, but when he comes for sibling weekend next semester, he will love me so much more.

Then I moved onto my loveyloves at home.  Colleen and I have quite a colorful page.

I thought this was a silly picture and forgot all about it and now it makes me want to look at pictures from high school, which could just be a crazy mess.

I didn't forget about this photo, unfortunately, but it needed to be shared.  I swear I'm not a duckface.

Becky and I look like cuties in our profile picture but that little baby one of us camping is so unflattering that I couldn't bear to post it.  Becky, I saved us both just now.

Jojo only takes nice pictures, so I was totally prepared for having no fun ones to share here.  But then I found this...

And realized that even if Jojo always looks nice, I can generally manage to mess up any picture.

And finally, Erin and I had only completely wholesome pictures.  Note that wholesome does not equal normal, as evidenced by the chocolate syrup war in the photo above.


Apparently this hasn't been rolled out on everyone's Facebooks yet, so this is a warning.  Your life will soon become much more unproductive.  Do your homework NOW!

Uhm... I can't promise this will be the last of my Facebook friend profile stalking sharing.  Just so you all know.

Love and Happy Halloween!,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm a Sucker

If there is a cupcake anywhere, anytime, I will buy it.  Like now.

Love and cupcakes,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Would Just Like to Say

1.  Today feels like Friday.  It's not Friday.  It's Thursday.  But you probably knew that already.

2.  Today probably feels like Friday because tonight is SENIOR NIGHT!  The theme of tonight's senior night is heroes and villains.

3.  I'm gonna be Superman.  I have a cape.

4.  I wish I could fly.

5.  When I have dreams that I'm flying, it's like I'm swimming.  This makes sense to me but probably not to anyone else.

6.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is what senior night is like:

7.  Yesterday, it was raining, so I made cookies from scratch in my sweatpants while watching Grey's Anatomy and eating a bag of chips and a jar of pickles.  I almost took a picture of this sad sight but then I realized that that's too low even for me to blog about.

8.  My roommates and board members were pretty happy about this, though, because I brought cookies everywhere I went.  Someone else will also be happy about this soon... but she doesn't know yet, so shhh!!!

9.  Halloween on a Sunday is lame.

10.  I was trying to remember what I was for Halloween freshman year and I couldn't.  Then it came to me, and I remembered why I had blocked it out of my memory.  I was "the walk of shame."

11.  I just checked, and I don't have any pictures of my costume.

12.  Thank god.

13.  Both of my ears are blocked so I have to ask everyone to repeat everything they say.  This is because I have a sinus infection and all the yuck went from my nose to my ears.

14.  Sorry for so much information.  But I could have described it in much more graphic detail so be glad.

15.  Finally...


...equals this.

The best.

Love and seriously? It's the 28th of October already? That's so dumb,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Asbestos and Acouchi


Once upon a time, Stephanie decided that it would be a good idea to be responsible and leave future generations of Fordham theatreites with a lasting gift from the 2010 Mimes and FET boards.  She decided that we should clean and organize the prop and costume rooms.  I thought this was an excellent idea.

Until this morning.

Because you see, I didn't take any "before" pictures, but most people will attest that the prop room looked a little bit like this:

Except with like twelve pieces of furniture stacked precariously in the middle of the room, ready to crash down at any moment.  I took this picture from an episode of Hoarders.  I felt it was the only appropriate situation that could show what a problem we had on our hands.

But with a bunch of unsuspecting underclassmen who wanted to become Mimes ("Hey, if you come to this alternate strike, you can be a Mime in just a week!  We promise it won't be hard...") we worked miracles.  And pretty soon, the prop room looked like...


Well, actually, like this, because we had to put the furniture we saved back into the room.  But the first picture is just so dramatic.

And the dumpster looked like this.  I would say that we actually did a service to the Fordham community because we saw more than one Fordham student looking through it to see what they could find.  Yes, I'm serious.

And there may or may not be a piece of wood in there that has asbestos on it, but it's okay!  It was probably just... dust... or something...

And then Dave and I found a notebook.

Our guess is that CHRIS BENNETT made this.  Are we right???

There were some keen observations inside.  My favorite is, "Pete is a good reader."

Dave was especially surprised to find a portrait of himself in it!

Ha.  Hee.  Ha.  Ho.  I crack myself up.


The rest of this weekend was a little bit of a mish-mash of everything, but here are the highlights.

We had a Spelling Bee reunion, and I don't remember taking pictures.  Evidently, however, I did.

I felt like this one best captured the overall mood of the night.

My parents came for family weekend and we went to the zoo.  I met this gorilla and liked him very much.

I found an ACOUCHI in the monkey house.  This is what an acouchi looks like, in case you were wondering.

It also looks like this.  It wouldn't stay very still for me.  Butthead.

And also, Google spell check is telling me that acouchi is spelled wrong.  But I know that they are wrong because it is a word in Spelling Bee and I definitely know how to spell it, dammit.

I had some much needed girl-time with Andrea and Jen, and we met a cat.  I think it's the first cat that has ever liked Andrea!

It liked Jen too.  So did the guy who didn't speak English at the counter.

Then we went and pretended we were freshmen on Eddie's.

Oh, the memories.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Gorilla

I get how he feels sometimes, man.

Friday, October 22, 2010

AmCo IChat

You are witnessing me meeting Zeus for the first time.  Amy would like you to know that, unlike Zeus, she did not have to buy me as her best friend.

Love and hamsters,

Window: A Photostory

This is my room (and my laundry that I haven't put away).

In my room, there is a window.

It is a very tall window.

And this is what is outside!

There is a train that takes you to Connecticut or to Manhattan and wakes you up if you leave your window open.

 Look!  A bus!  Hi, bus.

There is a restaurant named "Mexican Restaurant."  I give it an A for descriptive... F for creative.

One time, I woke up at 3 in the morning, and there were people yelling outside, so I peeked through the blinds and saw two dudes pushing each other on this street corner.  It was like cops... but outside my window.  Don't tell my mom, though.

The red awning is "Kennedy Fried Chicken," not to be confused with "Kentucky Fried Chicken."  We're too good for that shiznit in the Bronx.

Sometimes, this window has sheets hanging out of it.  Or pants.  Or other articles of clothing.  It's a mystery to me.

These city windows need to assert that they are cooler than regular windows.  So they're a little complicated to open.

You have to open the cage.  Like a hamster cage.  But... not.

And put your hand through.  Don't worry, it won't bite.  It also helps if you have a weird, bulgey vein on your wrist.  I don't know why.

And then... push it open!

Look!  An open window!  You did it!

Dear window next to my bed: I love you.  Love, Courtney

Love from me (and my window),