Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Would Just Like to Say

1.  Today feels like Friday.  It's not Friday.  It's Thursday.  But you probably knew that already.

2.  Today probably feels like Friday because tonight is SENIOR NIGHT!  The theme of tonight's senior night is heroes and villains.

3.  I'm gonna be Superman.  I have a cape.

4.  I wish I could fly.

5.  When I have dreams that I'm flying, it's like I'm swimming.  This makes sense to me but probably not to anyone else.

6.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is what senior night is like:

7.  Yesterday, it was raining, so I made cookies from scratch in my sweatpants while watching Grey's Anatomy and eating a bag of chips and a jar of pickles.  I almost took a picture of this sad sight but then I realized that that's too low even for me to blog about.

8.  My roommates and board members were pretty happy about this, though, because I brought cookies everywhere I went.  Someone else will also be happy about this soon... but she doesn't know yet, so shhh!!!

9.  Halloween on a Sunday is lame.

10.  I was trying to remember what I was for Halloween freshman year and I couldn't.  Then it came to me, and I remembered why I had blocked it out of my memory.  I was "the walk of shame."

11.  I just checked, and I don't have any pictures of my costume.

12.  Thank god.

13.  Both of my ears are blocked so I have to ask everyone to repeat everything they say.  This is because I have a sinus infection and all the yuck went from my nose to my ears.

14.  Sorry for so much information.  But I could have described it in much more graphic detail so be glad.

15.  Finally...


...equals this.

The best.

Love and seriously? It's the 28th of October already? That's so dumb,