Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Want to Be Internet Famous

All these people who are Internet famous are like, "one day I was living my normal boring life and I had this random idea and then I was famous and I can't believe it this is so crazy."  Like the Pioneer Woman.  Or Texts From Last Night.  Or Amy's other BFF Teresa who has this website called My Mom is a Fob, which is actually really hilarious, and now she has a book deal and can afford a way better apartment than me.  And I just ask myself... why can't I be one of those people??

Or this girl, who created a YouTube channel, in, like, March, and is now mad viral and famous.  Plus, I want her to be my friend because we have so many things in common.  LIKE being in our early adulthood.  In New York City.  Living in tiny-ass apartments.  Drinking a lot.  Saying funny shit.  Being slightly nerdy.  ALL OF THESE THINGS!  She made My Drunk Kitchen and it's really effing hilarious.  This is my favorite episode because it's about tacos and I love tacos and margaritas.

I don't want to be Internet famous because of the fame or the money (okay, a little bit, maybe).  I want to be Internet famous because I really love external validation most of the time.  Why do you think I have this blog where I just talk about whatever I want all the time?  I'm not gonna come back and read this crap (well, except for maybe the Jorge incident).  I want you people to read my blog, think it's awesome, and then tell me that.  And you do, sometimes.  And I love you for that.

So really, people... help me think of something.  My last name is a rap slang term, for crying out loud.  It just needs to happen.


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