Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yearbook Photos = Great Entertainment

Colleen and I got bored and decided to look through old yearbooks.  Oh, what an excellent idea that was.

These photos really don't need any explanation.

7th grade, Becky Dube.  Y so surrious??

I've finally gotten to the age where I'm starting to this this is cute, not ugly.  Baby fat ahoy.

"Colleenie," where's all your hair, gurl?

Future valedictorian right here, folks.

Babyfaced Nick Pantuosco.

WHO IS THAT ADORABLE CHILD??  Oh wait, it's me.

Colleen is a crayon!!

Angel face Becks.

We should have all known right here that Nick was going to become a professional wrestler.  The signs point to yes.

I can't even handle that we have a five year reunion next fall.


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