Monday, June 20, 2011

What To Eat When You're Broke

Today was my first day of work, and I belieeeeve I shall adjust to corporate life quite well.  The people are great (another Fordham grad is a newbie too, if the company hired two Fordham grads, they obvs know what's good for them) and I think once I get into the groove of things, it'll go smoothly.  And commuting from Brooklyn is actually a lot better than I thought... though I can't wait to get to the UES.

Until my first paycheck comes in, or at least until after my gradumacation party on Saturday (whee!), I'm kind of broke.  Andrea and I went to the grocery store yesterday, and for the first time, I seriously paid attention to the prices of food.  So now, I shall instruct you on what one can eat when they are on a budget.

Tuna sandwich.  Tuna = on sale + not bad without condiments = buy 5 cans and eat every day.

Enjoy that tuna sandwich, college grad.

It was your idea to move to Manhattan and leave behind your free shrimp scampi and steak 'n potatoes.  Eat.  Every.  Last.  Bite.  Of.  That.  Shit.

Steal your ex-roomie's spices to pretend like you're not eating tuna from a can and generic brand mayo.  You're quite the gourmet chef, my friend.  A regular MacGyver.

Bread you bought for tuna + cherry jam (on sale) + crunchy peanut butter that your roomie used to have at your old apartment which basically makes it yours = PB&J!!  Good job, you just got yourself some VARIETY!  10 points for Gryffindor!

Chex Mix, 2 for $3, on sale.  No Cheez-its for you, madam.  $4.59 a BOX?  I'm not DONALD TRUMP over here, friends, do you see a comb over anywhere on this head??

Carrots = necessary.  Need.  No matter what.  Hummus, not on sale = SPLURGE!  Guard with your life.  It's spinach and artichoke flavor.

Greek yogurt = 5 for $4.  Hello, breakfast!  You need your protein, commuter.

And lots and lots of.... water.  FREE SUSTENANCE!  Drink up, my friend, because you shall be consuming this in abundance until you can shank some leftovers from the pulled pork this weekend.  Can you say "WINNING!!!!"???

I like food.  I miss food.  Please come back.


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  1. This blog is my friend Emma's - it's amazing and you'll want to get married (well just have a wedding every day) but she does weekly plans of Eating Well on $60 per week (for 2 people). She is a vegan so it is different and probably more expensive but check it out. She has good recipes and tips!!