Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Surprise Cookin' Stuff

I haven't had much time to update, seeing as I had a ton of really important things to do over the past couple days.  These things included:

1) Doing my laundry for the month (when you run out of certain essential items, it's really not a choice anymore)
2) Hanging up my laundry (there's a lot, do not underestimate this step)
3) Cleaning my room (it's JUST SO MESSY ALL THE TIME GOSH!)
4) Cleaning the kitchen (apparently our landlord doesn't like to pick up our phone calls all the time so we have to keep it as clean as possible to avoid mousies and roachies)
5) Decorating my apartment because right now it's just an off-white blueish gray zone of despair a little bit and nobody really wants that
6) Gymming because I bought this dang membership and now I'm going to use it!
6a) ^^^Also I have to catch up on season 6 of How I Met Your Mother which is on CBS on Monday nights and the premiere is next week and I don't have cable

I also had a ton of non-important things to do over the past couple of days:
1) Hanging out with peeps because I miss them when I'm in my basement apartment alone, sniff sniff
2) Watching The Office
3) Squealing about the Four Town Fair
4) Squealing about Homecoming
5) Willing myself not to get sick (okay I guess that's kind of important but it doesn't really take up a lot of time
6) Doing other things that are so unimportant I can't even remember them for my unimportant list

But in the meantime I have to talk a lil' baby bit about the dinner I made yesterday.  I defrosted some chicken so I was already to cook up some barbecue chicken and maybe some potatoes and veggies and have myself a good ol' time after work.  But then I was all I have this leftover coconut milk from my mushroom chicken and gee that might be good so I told Reece I was going to mix the barbecue sauce and coconut milk together and see what happened.  I think he was a bit skeptical.

BUT it was actually pretty delish and I added a few other things (although I wish I had used less barbecue versus coco-milk).  These things were: soy sauce, ginger, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper.  Things I didn't add but could have: peanut butter, spicy chile sauce, uhmm maybe some sesame or sesame oil or something?

And guess what you have there?  You have a nice little off-the-cuff coconut thai-ish sauce.  Way to go, you kitchen master, you!  I would suggest that you go on Hell's Kitchen but I do not want to be responsible for sending you off to the wrath of Gordon Ramsay.

I just simmered the sauce for a bit, added it to a pan-cooked chicken breast when it was almost cooked through, added veggies, let all the stuff simmer together for a bit, and serve over rice.  When you don't have all day to plan out your meals like you used to (cry for the days of having 15 hours of class a week) it's a nice surprise to eat something that's not stir-fry or any variation of pasta.

Let's not talk about my weirdo eating habits on Sunday: rice-a-roni, a whole tomato, some popcorn, and ice cream.  That's it.  All day.  Someone send me an intervention.


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