Monday, October 31, 2011

French Onion Soup, or the soup I made when I didn't really plan ahead

Today on the way home from work, I was like, hmm, I have a hankerin' for some french onion soup, and I probably have most of the stuff to make it.  So I stopped at the corner store, got a bunch of onions and some avocados because I love avocados, and made some soup instead of getting my butt to the gym.

I'll go tomorrow morning.  I will.  I will!  Sigh.

Well, I didn't really decide to blog about this until like an hour into the process (warning: I may have blogged about this before.  If I did, sorry), so here's what I did when I wasn't taking pictures: Get a bunch of onions.  Cut them up into strips.  Saute them with a bunch of butter for 20 minutes.  Pop them into a baking pan and into the oven because you don't have any pans that can go in the oven.  Wait an hour while you do all your dishes because you have no silverware.  Watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.  None of this is optional.

OKAY!  Now we're up to speed.  Take out your pan.  If it looks like this...'re on the right track.

Put all of that delicious stuff back into the pot on the stove, scraping all the good stuff on the bottom.  If you have a dutch oven like Andrea, you can skip all that pan-swapping nonsense.  Cry a little bit because you don't have a dutch oven in your apartment anymore.

Realize that you don't have any white wine because you drank it last week while making pie with Heather.  Google "can I substitute red wine for white wine in french onion soup."  Get no answers.

Say to yourself, aw heck, I'ma do it anyways because it'll probably be fine.  We're not perfect here, people!

Pour in a cup, or whatever's left in the bottle if you don't have a cup.  Let this cook over medium-low heat for 5 minutes.

Look at you, being all reduced and stuff!  Good job.  This smells heavenly.

Chop up some garlic.

Why is it green?  Ponder this.  Shrug and chop it up anyways.  Put it in the pot.

Pour in a bunch of beef broth and a bunch of chicken broth.  Do a face-palm when you see this picture.

Add some of this stuff in.  Don't bother to flip the picture because you're lazy.  Hint: it's Worcestershire sauce if you couldn't read it.

Bring to a boil, then bring heat down to low.  Put the cover on halfway because you're not sure whether to cover it or not so you figure that's the best option.

Simmer for 30 to 45 minutes.  Forget to take a picture because you're in a rush to get to bed.

Look at this spoonful of delicious soup in glory and wonder.  Eat some.  It's hot.  Blow on it first.

You can also find the recipe on  But you won't get my colored commentary.  You might be able to make a proper soup though.  And for the record... the red wine worked just fine and was quite delicious.

Now I shall go to bed because I have to get my butt up for the gym in the morning.  It's going to be a long winter ahead.

Happy Halloween, otherwise known as, I cannot freaking believe that it's November.

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