Friday, December 2, 2011

Courtney and Chris are normal human beings

Kristen O'Hara won a free happy hour at Turtle Bay tonight, so we're all going.  Since Chris Bennett won our last happy hour at Turtle Bay (causing Kristen to win this one) I am posting these pictures that I just found on my phone.

To set the scene: Courtney and Chris go to see Spiderman: The Musical, which is wholly underwhelming.  They go to Blockheads to fully discuss the extent of underwhelmingness.  It begins raining.  The waitress says, "Do you just want to drink until it stops raining?"  We say, YES!  Then, Courtney takes out her phone.

Chris: WOAH!

Chris: It fills me with awe and childish wonder.
Courtney: Uhm, sure.

Chris: (drinks some margarita)
Courtney: CanIhavesomeodat? 

Chris: Now SHE'S drinking summa dat drink, son!
Courtney: (through straw) Yee I am!

Chris: It is possible that I am the old man from Up in another life.
Courtney: If I get really close, do you think I can understand its soul? 

Chris: HAAAAYYYYY!!!  Let's go make friends with the people on 'The Ride'!!!
Courtney:  Haaaaaallllp!  ...but okay, that totally sounds like a great plan!

Happy Friday, loves.  I hope you have a splendid Friday.  If you so choose, come see me at Turtle Bay.  I'll be the girl making funny faces at the camera.


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