Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi fraanz!  Happy December!  I'm so excited that the best month of the year is here.  Don't argue with me if you think otherwise.  You'll lose.

It has been a very busy work week, but that's okay because that just made it go faster.  Also, I started listening to Christmas music this week, so that just made everything better.  The "'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' by Bruce Springsteen" Pandora station is the best Christmas station ever.  Just LISTEN to it.

Yesterday was Wednesday, which meant that it was 12th Street Wednesday, as per usual.  But NOT as per usual, Andrea surprised me with a birthday cake - red velvet, my favorite.  You do learn a couple of things after rooming with someone for three years.

Heather helped light the candles, Brendan helped fuel Andrea with wine while she baked, and Sara helped rally the bar in singing "happy birthday."  I don't know if I would call that last one helping, but I love her anyways.

I blew out all the candles because I am the big bad wolf.  That last sentence was a little weird.  Then we all ate cake, even Mikethebartender.  I ate three pieces.  And took home six more.

Then Obama came to my mini-birthday party in his motorcade and made large crowds and police cars appear outside the bar.  For my birthday, of course.  We gave the people who were waiting to cross the street cake when they came in for drinks.

This morning, I snoozed my alarm for 45 minutes and then went to go get my license renewed and changed to New York State.  I took a picture of my old license because I knew they would take it away from me.  They stapled through it.  THROUGH it.  And now all I have is a crappy little temporary license.  It was rather anticlimactic.

I hung up some pictures in my room because I haven't lived in my apartment for five months now, or anything.  I thought it might be time to get around to it.  However, I clearly can't be trusted with anything.

I'm not really sure how I did this, but I somehow jabbed myself in the head with a mechanical pencil.  Jabbed?  Jammed?  All of these words are awkward.  I can't even.

Anyways, there's a baby hole there now.  If you can't see it, just trust me.

It's okay, though.  I got everything done.  And my hammer is pink.

My mom bought it for me.  Don't judge.

Tomorrow is Friday, everybody!  Rebecca Black taught me that that is the day that comes after Thursday.  Also, I get to wear blue jeans.  And isn't that always a reason to celebrate?


PS: I think this is the worst writing I've ever used in a blog post.  So that means the pitch I am about to start drafting will be great, right?  Yeah, I totally thought so.

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