Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hello, blog.  Hello, world.  Have you missed me?

Don't answer that.

I'm feeling a little punchy today, as Caitlin Nosal would say.  Guess who reads my blog?  Caitlin Nosal does.  I hope she's reading this right now and feeling really special.  Because you are, Caitlin Nosal, you are.

I hope that one day I'm so famous that when I shout out to people in my blog it's a really big deal.  That is my goal.

It's Christmas break which means that my mind is clear (relative statement) and I'm back at work, and being back at work reminds me of blogging because this is where I started this blog.  I blogged a lot about Amy's and my escapades and lunch breaks to Target, but I don't think there will be very many of those over break unless I can apparate to her car because there's no way I'm walking outside at any time that I don't need to.  This is New England, and it is cold, and my mother is holding my impenetrable winter coat hostage because she is halfway through fixing my zipper.  It's all probably a scheme to force me to become more tolerant of the weather.  It's not working.

Today I'm being rebellious and pushing the boundaries of business casual at the T by dressing like a hipster a little bit.  On a regular hipster scale, I think I'm at about a 4, but on a hipster-as-compared-to-people-who-live-in-Connecticut scale, I'm probably at an 8.  I would take a picture and show you, but that would be a little bit weird and, as always, Sue would just look at me and think I'm a crazy person.  Which I am.  But I don't have Amy here to boost my confidence in my crazy today, on account of the fact that she got stranded in Europe but now is home, so I'll err on the side of not-crazy today.

(As a sidenote, I originally wrote "air on the side of caution," then Googled it and corrected myself.  Also, I would like to know if you're supposed to use "a" or "an" in front of numbers as you would if you spelled the number out, as I just did.  Because 8 doesn't start with a vowel or a consonant because it's just a number!  It has no letters.  It's just something I think about sometimes.)

I think about really random and odd things sometimes.  For instance, because I'm back at work today when I went into the bathroom I was immediately reminded of the fact that I ALWAYS go into the same bathroom stall at work.  And every time over the summer that I went in there and the toilet seat was up, I would be like, oh!  That means that it hasn't been used since it was cleaned.  So I think to myself, maybe I should just put the seat back up afterwards, and then if it's down next time, I would know if anyone else used it.  But then I think, what if somebody else has the same exact idea as me?  And then my plan would be foiled and I would be tricked into believing a falsity.  And I literally think this same sequence of thoughts EVERY TIME I go into the bathroom stall.  Including this morning, four months after the last time I thought it.  This boggles my mind.

I told you that I think about random and odd things.

Would you like to know the definition of stream-of-consciousness?  It's this blog entry.


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