Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's Have a Mixer

Oh, herro dere.

Ayy, mami!!

Ayy blondieeee, you so beautifuuull..

(That's what some random dude said to me the first time I went off-campus freshman year.  He was old enough to be my father)

I got a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas.  I fell in love and I will blockade myself in my apartment and just put baked goods outside the door.

I really wanted to make something with my mixer the other night, but we couldn't find the yeast that I bought at the store to make pizza dough, so I had to make something else that required a mixer: meringues.


Life is so much easier with a Kitchenaid mixer.  Or so I'm finding.

Start with egg whites.  I just wanted to make one pan of them because it was late and I really just wanted an excuse to play with my mixer, so I only used two.  We don't need any more sweets in the house.

Aerial view of the egg whites.  ABOUT TO BE KITCHENAIDED!

New verb.  I made it.


Pretty soon, they're starting to take form.  It was just so relaxing watching the mixer do all the work for me.  I could get used to this.

Oh hello there, stiff peaks.  I've been waiting for you.

I never know how long to beat the egg whites for.  I'm so afraid of overbeating.  One of these days I will just beat some egg whites to see what happens to them if I beat them for a long time.  And then I will know.

(Oh yeah, and add about a half-cup of sugar and a splash of vanilla while the mixer is on low after the eggs are beaten properly)

Fold in an ample amount of chocolate chips (I think I did just shy of a cup).  You have to do this part by hand.  I'm sorry.  My arm is sorry too.

The beast roars.  It has done its job.

I wanted to make medium-to-large meringues because I am lazy and didn't want to stand there spooning out meringue for a long time.  But you can make them as small or large as you want.  Also, this picture was taken 2 minutes in to cooking because I forgot about it.

Bake for 25 minutes at 250 degrees, and then shut the oven off and let the meringues sit there overnight.  This will dry them out to perfect meringue consistency.  In theory.

Nom meringue.  I brought these to work and Amy and I ate them all in one day... with a little help.  But they don't count because they're just egg whites, right??


Sigh.  It's a constant battle.

I took one last close-up picture but it's blurry, and I've embarassed myself enough already.

Tonight is PIZZA NIGHT!  Photos forthcoming.

Love and mixin',

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