Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lippa's THE WILD PARTY Comes Back to NYC!

(I haven't blogged in a month.  I've been busy.  This is why.)

Remember that time a little more than ten years ago when Andrew Lippa wrote a superfantastic show called The Wild Party and it never came to Broadway because Lachuisa's version was already on Broadway?  Don't you hate that?  Yeah, me too!

SOOOOO the cool kids at the Mimes and Mummers up here in the Bronx thought that it was time for The Wild Party to come back to NYC (which, yes, includes boroughs that are not Manhattan.  Although the status of Staten Island is debated).  AND WE ARE BRINGING IT TO YOU, NEW YORK!!!

The Mimes and Mummers at Fordham University present...
Andrew Lippa's 
 March 3rd - 5th at 8pm
March 6th at 2pm
Collins Auditorium
Fordham University
Bronx, NY

Tickets will be sold at the door:
$5 with Fordham/student ID
$10 without
Thursday is FREE for Fordham students!

Emily Weaver.......Queenie
Mike Dahlgren..........Burrs
Kristie Koos...............Kate
David Cavanaugh.....Black

Dan Carter
Jenny Dorso
Nick Harris
Eliot Johnson
Apostolos Kalabakas
Caitlin Nosal
Katy Piszczek
Courtney Schiessl
John Schule
Pam Zazzarino

Directed by Travis Greisler
Musical directed by Brad Gardner
Choreographed by Stephen Agosto
Produced by Taylor Riccio
Assistant directed by Adriana Basti
Stage Manager: Emily Pandise
Assistant Stage Manager: Kelly O'Brien

Follow our event on Facebook to stay updated on all the show happenings and information:

Also, check out the story that The Ram wrote about us this week... it's pretty hot:

So really... before you go party it up on Friday and Saturday nights (and Thursday and Sunday, too, if that's what you're into), come to the REAL party... The WILD Party, the show so scandalous that Fordham doesn't even want you to see our poster on campus.  No, really.  It's that hot.


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