Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back to Business

Okay, so let's get back into this blogging business...

Oh hey.  How have you been?  Good??  Excellent.  That's what I like to hear.  Enough about you; let's talk about me (it's my blog, right?).

I did this show called The Wild Party and it was really awesome.  I haven't really accepted that the show is over.  It's hard to accept things when you blatantly refuse to.

I also haven't accepted that it's not okay to parade around naked all the time.  This show definitely gave me skewed perceptions about appropriateness in public.  I have to remind myself that, in general, one is required to be clothed at all times.

Ignore the weird angle of this photo.  Just focus on the clear happiness of the people in the picture.

Raymond McLeod, who played Eddie in the original cast of The Wild Party, and his family came to see the show on Saturday night, which was super awesome.  He even took a picture with our group of misfits after the show.

WARNING!  The next picture is gross.  Not really gross.  But pretty gross.  It's of my foot.

I had many ailments during the run of the show (pink eye, mono/bronchitis?, slipping in my hallway, cut on my foot, and either the bubonic plague or dry hands from sanitizing too much [verdict is out]), so it was only fitting that I got this lovely thing during the last show.  Thank you, Mike Dahlgren and John Schule, for injuring not only yourselves but me as well during your fight scene.

The good part was that it was only a hematoma (bad bruise) and got better quickly, but allowed me to get script erasing duty during strike, rather than my customary general cleaning.

I've been painting because I'm taking a painting class, and that's generally what you do.  This is a master copy of Cezanne.  I had to use all the colors and it was difficult.  I did it while watching Jeopardy!, Glee, and The Office, so it was a pretty productive night.

This is a still life of apples and bowls.  It got hung in the hallway.  It was too big for the refrigerator.  Joke??  Get it??

This is Gupta, my fish.  I got him at Petland Discounts two Saturdays ago.  I named him the following Wednesday.  He was dead when I came home on Friday.

We had a fish funeral.  Chris Ingrao sang Ave Maria as he floated down the toilet bowl.  It was a fitting tribute to the six days we spent together.

Jenny Dorso says that if I had named him Pinky, he wouldn't have died.  I resent that suggestion.

I have dreams about acquiring new small animals and being unable to take care of them.  Also, I'm getting a new fish tomorrow.

In final news, did you know that in Somers, Connecticut, Christmas lasts until March?  Apparently it does.  Especially when your father takes the Christmas tree outside, only to have it be covered by a snowstorm, and another snowstorm, and another one, until it's March and you have a Christmas tree in your backyard.

We live near farms.  Nobody notices a stray pine tree.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to the Bronx to do laundry and pack and then head out to NEW ORLEANS with Miss Jen Lavalle for Senior Spring Break 2011.  Here comes trouble.  And 75 degree weather!



PS: That whole playing the guitar thing?  Uhm yeah.  I kind of forgot about it.  Whoops.

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