Thursday, March 24, 2011

From the Subway

The stretch of the uptown D train ride that runs express from 59th to 125th street is a good time to blog.  No stops, no people getting on or off, and no need to be constantly on the move for an open seat to sit in.  Because if the train stops and you aren't paying attention, you're never going to get to sit down.  And that is just not a fate I am willing to succumb to.

If I am ever riding the subway downtown by myself, there is a specific seat that I want to sit in.  I walk down the stairs to the D train station on the north side of Fordham Road at Grand Concourse, walk all the way down to the local platform, and stand to the right of the second blue post that is visible when you round the corner.  This is exactly where a set of doors will open.  I make sure that I am in the front of the crowd waiting for the doors to open because I want the seat directly next to the doors on the opposite site, to the right.  If this seat is not open, I am very unhappy.  For some reason, last semester when I commuted to class on Monday nights, I decided that I liked this seat on the subway the best and needed to sit in that seat.  Now, any other seat that is on the end, by a set of doors, is also okay, because then you get ample arm room.  But my preferred seat is the best one.

See?  This is my point.  We stop at 125th street and all of a sudden I have lost my ability to be the sole person holding the middle pole (not dirty) to a wannabee rapper smells like smoke, has his music is too loud, and is encroaching on my business with his rapping hand motions.  This is not a club, and I want to listed to Mumford & Sons.  The beatbox background is very distracting.

Once again, running express from 145th to Tremont, and I have reclaimed my sole pole status (not dirty again).  The D train is certainly running on love today, as the rush hour express stop changes have emptied out the majority of the train, except those who know what's good for them and are going to Tremont or further, like me.  I love it when the D train runs on love.

Working until 6 today has put me an hour behind schedule today, which means that I will have to hope that hunger stays away until 8pm when my workout is done or skip working out today.  Such choices... such options.  I think we all know which one I am more likely to pick, but being surrounded by SELF Magazines, workout plans, and eating habits does tip the scales a bit.

GET IT???  TIP THE SCALES???  Man, I didn't even mean to do that this time.

Plus, I ate three quarters of a Hershey bar at 4:30.  Here's the thing about Hershey bars... if you buy one, you will probably eat it.  I should have accepted that fact going into the purchase.

And now, approximately three minutes before I have to get off the subway, I have acquired a seat.  This is very helpful (she said with sarcasm).  But perhaps all that standing will offset the delicious confections I plan on making tonight.  I wanted to make pralines... but I couldn't get any pecans... so I will put pretzels in them instead.  Salty-sweet delectables... I think I'm onto something.

Fordham stop arrival.  Blog post end.


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