Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gupta 2.0

First, let's take a look at my first bit of humor on Monday morning:

This week has been back to normal, back to New York, and back to absolutely terrible weather.  Monday was raining, yesterday was colder than desired, and today was snow.  Oh, excuse me, but I'm pretty sure that mid-March is considered something like spring?  Shows how little I know about the Northeast.

I've been feeling creative lately, as I determined on the subway ride to Conde Nast on Monday.  As I told Andrea, I didn't bring a book or anything, so the ride felt even longer because I was just doing so much thinking.  It was just nothing... but thinking!

Sometimes I say really intelligent things.

And I guess that it was a great coincidence that my creative kick coincided with my painting homework due date...

Originally, my painting looked like a seahorse.  Now it looks like a vase of flowers... which was pretty much the intended goal.  And I even finished it in time to go play 7/11/doubles at Jack and Connor's with Heather and Jorgio.

And then I did a master copy in class (see original on right) which is now hanging in the hallway outside the art studio.  Which means... no homework for next week!  Best news for a senior ever (besides figuring out what you're doing the day after graduation.  Which apparently is the end of the world, now?  Silly radical Christian groups).

I meant to blog days ago, especially since I'm pretty sure that I had more to blog about then, but I got a little distracted by my new buddy...

HAILLOOO!!  Meet my new fishie, Reid.  Named after Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds, who I love and adore and lust after.  I suppose I just like naming my fish after television characters, although I hope that this one lasts longer than poor Gupta.

Why am I in this bag??  I can see the rest of the tank, but why can't I get to it??  WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL AND CONFUSING?!?

Reid hasn't quite figured out that he can't swim throughout the whole world, as he likes to spend the majority of his time swimming against the walls of the tank.  I've tried to explain that he has to stay in the water, but he just wants to be close to me.  I do talk to him an awful lot, after all.  Andrea can hear me from her room.  I've accepted this fact.

My quirks make me interesting, okay?  Okay??  WHY WON'T YOU JUST ACCEPT ME???

Ahem.  Moving on.

Unfortunately, I now have to make my way to the library (in the rain) to work on my presentation on happiness.  The irony of this whole situation just strikes me.  Who knew that a presentation on happiness could make me so unhappy?

Dragging my feet begrudgingly...

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