Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break, In Sum

It's official.  I'm declaring it spring break every week.  If only.

Jen and I had the best time ever in New Orleans, and we were so glad that we decided to go.  It was sunny and in the 70's the whole time we were there, which was a much-needed change to the 40 and 50-degree weather that we came back to.  I swear I became cold-blooded and can't survive in the New York weather anymore.  Why is it March and still winter??

We did our fair share of walking, shopping, seeing, taking pictures, and of course, eating and drinking.  And when I say eating, I do mean eating.

Our goal was to eat every Nawlins food that there was to try.  Our first meal at Cafe Maspero was jambalaya, and it was accompanied by a five dollar carafe of wine.  Five.  Dollar.  Carafe.  New Orleans was already trying to lure me in.

Second meal?  Gumbo.  Not pictured is a delicious breakfast at Mother's that I was too tired and hungry to take the time to photograph before I devoured it.

Of course we stopped for beignets during our first full day.  I look really attractive.  This is approximately five minutes before I spill my entire café au lait in my lap and have to go home and change.  So much for making eyes at the group of bros at the table next to us.

Night three was "taste of New Orleans" at Oceana... crawfish etoufée, jambalaya, and red beans and rice.  I was very happy.  And very full.  Not pictured is our lunchtime po' boy.  We were not about to leave New Orleans without a po' boy.

And... to top off the food adventure... Wednesday's breakfast.  An omelette filled with delicious and covered in gravy.  Nearly killed me of both happiness and clogged arteries.

When we weren't eating, we did other things...

We sat by the river (and got sunburns).

We saw mini-parades and got beads (and nearly got impaled by them).

We took a river cruise and saw a plantation and eavesdropped on some Frenchmen (uh, what else do you do at a plantation?).

Our Fordham buddy Lyle picked us up and we went BOWLING with him and Alexis at Rock 'n Bowl.  Yes, this is a bowling alley... with live music!  It was the best.

We watched dueling pianos at Pat O's and requested some high-class music.  Specifically, "Uptown Girl" and "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy."  The hurricanes at Pat O's are really deadly, clearly.

Speaking of hurricanes, we drank.  Yup, we drank.

We battled with thundersticks (I'm really not sure why this happened.  So Fordham).

We listened to this sign and ate pralines!!  I.  Want.  A.  Praline.  Right.  Now.  I considered making some today, but I realized that in going to the grocery store, I would be walking by my gym, and I just couldn't handle that.

And we finished it off by drinking whiskey by the river with fellow Tierney alum Colindactyl after hopping between like five music clubs on Frenchman Street.  I didn't take any pictures at the clubs because I didn't want to look like a tourist.  But by the time we got to the river, I didn't care very much anymore.

But seriously, I really, really loved it.  Now I feel like graduation is very imminent and I want to go on an adventure.  But I'll have to come back to that later because right now the only adventure I want to go on is an adventure to bed.  FOR SLEEPING.  Duh.  I can always tell that it's time for bed when I'm not funny anymore.  And I'm glad that Taylor doesn't read my blog because he would definitely comment on that last remark.  Butthead.

Tomorrow is going to be Jen's least favorite blog ever... get ready for mischief ;).

Nighty night!

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