Thursday, April 21, 2011

No More Fish for Courtney

I'm such a delinquent, and I realize that I haven't blogged since March.  It's such a problem.  I'm spending all of my time being a senior, which equates to having senioritis, applying to jobs every five seconds, commiserating with other seniors, and finding something to do every night.  

Actually, I've been going to bed at, like, 10pm lately because apparently I'm an old woman.  Seeing as it's 9:41 and I'm falling asleep right now, I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.

Anyways, I have some sad news to report.

Poor, loving Reid is no longer with us.

Can someone please tell me why I can't keep a fish alive?  I swear I did everything correctly with this fish, including engaging him in meaningful conversation on a regular basis.  Maybe he died from an overdose of love.

No, seriously, I said hello to my fish every time I entered the room.  Perhaps I will demonstrate with my cat while I'm home for Easter break over the next couple days.  Animals really love me.

But here's the real question...

Who am I going to share my salmon sushi with??
Now that I think about that, sharing my sushi with a fish is pretty much cannibalism.  Like... fish-abalism.  OR FISH-A-BOWL-ISM!!!  GET IT???  LIKE A FISH BOWL???

Please indulge me in my self-perceived wit and hilarity.  I would really appreciate that.

And actually, I probably shouldn't be eating fish from the deli anymore, anyways.  Unless I want to risk eating food from a restaurant that scored a 53 on its health inspection.

Ah, well.  Now I am, once again, roommate-less.  Perhaps that means I will have to find other outlets for my extraneous thoughts.  Like..... HERE!!

You're welcome,

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  1. Courtney- I had a beta, too, named, with great originality on my part: Betty. She was rescued from a bowl of black water from a vacated home. She lived a short but happy life in clean water with pretty rocks and the finest plastic trees money can buy...well, okay, they were given to me, but the point is, Betty had heaven even before she died. Who's to say that Reid did not feel the same way? Now it's his time to learn to swim in the Great Ocean, and be reborn on another shore...maybe with legs. Hang in there, girl. Marie (now you know why they make me live 3K miles away!)