Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oops, I Did It Again

Britney Spears reference intended.

It's official - I should no longer be allowed to own nice things.  This is where my phone is at right now:

Yep, dropped it out of my back pocket again.  Can someone please tell me how a person does this with THREE SEPARATE PHONES??  Because I definitely don't understand it.  This is the most ridiculous thing ever.

The phone definitely looks a lot better than it did last time, and last time it dried out in like 5 days, so I am not going to replace it (mostly because I can't justify shelling out a hundred dollars again), and if it doesn't dry out and start working properly, I am going on a technology cleanse.  No smart phone.  No Facebook 24/7.  And NO BUBBLE BUSTER!  Seriously, I was on Level 192.  Who does that??

I read on several sites that you were supposed to put your phone in uncooked rice, but some sad a plastic bag, and some said a bowl, so I decided to compromise. 

I just like to give all sides a fair shot.

What if someone put their phone in cooked rice?  That would be pretty dumb.  And funny.

The most disheartening part?  When I plugged in the RazR that I borrowed from good ol' Jorgio, I didn't have any new text messages.  Doesn't anyone love me?

Anyone???  Anyone at all???


But let's be a little positive, shall we?  Tomorrow I have two interviews (fingers crossed!), a day at SELF, Christine's open bar at Public House, the royal wedding (!) and the kick-off of Spring Weekend 2011!  Follow @FU_VPT for our Fordham University Varsity Party Team updates all weekend.  It will probably be epic.  In all honesty, I shouldn't have had a nice phone for this weekend anyways, so I guess it's good timing.

I can find justifications for most things.

In other news...

I need to clean my room.  When your room is like, one foot by one foot, a couple of things on the ground make it real messy, real fast.

I'm going to go do that right now...

Since I can't play Bubble Buster on my phone...



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