Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Weekend Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

I am currently in the process of uploading all 159 pictures from this weekend to Facebook.  I'm pretty sure digital cameras were made for me because I was always that kid who went away to summer camp for a week and came back with 9 rolls of film, which would inevitably just have seven of the same exact picture.  I was totally born in the right age.

I don't really have the brain power to summarize Spring Weekend 2011 right now, thanks to the Varsity Party team, especially since I need to save that brain power in order to do my psychology reading tonight (last week of classes!!), but I will post a couple of pictures.

Saturday morning on the roof at Brendan's, having a moment with sleepy Heather.

Third Eye Blind came to play... I'm so glad they played the three whole songs that we know.

Lovely ladies at the Under the Tent dance (pre- dance rage).

Buddying it up for our LAST Spring Weekend (and missing miss DiDolce, of course!).

Look out tomorrow for our SELF Workout in the Park segment!!  Should be an interesting day at work (especially since I haven't worked out in... oh... a week... or two... or three...)

Criminal Minds marathons are addicting,

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