Sunday, May 22, 2011

...Now What??

I graduated.  From college.  I am no longer a college student.  I am an alumnus.  What is this crazy talk?

This past week has been the craziest and best experience ever, and it's so difficult to accept that it's over because I just want to relive it over and over.  I moved home yesterday, and the only thing I can do is sit here and not know what to do with myself.  The job hunt is going to be FULL FORCE from now on!!  Also, I guess now I have no excuse for not blogging because I really have nothing else to do.

I'll have to post pictures at another time because I kindof can't handle it right now and Facebook won't let me tag any pictures so I am annoyed but let me just say...

They let this girl graduate from college.

Also this girl (from last night of freshman year).

This girl (high school graduation).


These BFF's.

These biffles (December of sophomore year, going out for some birthdays).

These itsy bitsy freshies.

WE DID IT!!! now what???

Having a bit of a reality crisis,

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