Monday, May 23, 2011

Sernior Week, Part 1

Today I had a productive day of applying to jobs, watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, working out, doing laundry, and watching ABC Family with friends.  Oh, and playing a game of "Guess that 90's tv show theme song."  I didn't win.

Now I shall share senior week here on my blog, or at least some of it.  It may get too long because I'm not very selective with the photos I share and I uploaded 150 pictures to Facebook from senior week.

Unrelated note: When I was a sophomore in high school we had mad drams with our prom limo and I got into a big fight with my friend John over it and I was having a sleepover, so we were IMing angrily (oh dear, AIM fights) and he proceeded to tell me that it was his "sernior year" instead of his "senior year."  So of course, I taunted him for not being able to spell, at which point he called me a "birch" instead of "bitch."  I miss that guy.  He's almost a lawyer now.  Hi John Portonova!  I hope you don't typo when you're angry anymore.

The point of that story is that most of the time when I hear the word "senior" I think of saying "sernior."  Hence the title.

Tuesday Tierney Tinkers Takeover was awesome and nostalgic and awesome again.  We ruled at drinking games and showed the freshmen who's boss and survived a monsoon for 2.2 seconds.

And I'M JUST SAYIN'... it was my idea.  Brush yo' shoulders off.

AND I FOUND THIS!!!  Courtney '11, carved during the spring of my freshman year into the wall at Tinks.  I shall forever live in Tinkers legacy.

Senior Ball was at Pier Sixty in Manhattan and it was gorgeous and there was lots of nomfood and nomdrinks and everyone looked beautiful.  Especially my four lovely ladies.  Psst... the one in the green was my date.  We may not have boyfriends, but we always have roommates!

Of course we got our dance on and I relived New Orleans with Jen doing the Booty Shuffle.  Diana even looks pretty here when I spring a random photo from above on her.

Also, we totally kicked these two randos out from our table who took Di and Mike's seats when we were signing up for seating.  And by kicked out I mean we told Di and Mike to just sit down and start eating at the two empty place settings, and nobody ever came over to try to take them back.  It worked out well.

We even took a break from dancing to pose for another picture.  I like this one better than the first because it's just so us.

Our friends were so nice to let us on the party bus that they rented for the night in order to get to the rooftop bar (yes, rooftop bar!) and back home.  It was pretty awesome.  I downloaded every song I remembered listening to on the bus that night... and I'm pretty sure that our rendition of "Party and Bullshit" will never go away.  Not that I want it to.

AND PARTY BUS AND BULL SHIT!!  Really original.

PS... that's KMac on the left and Jack on the right.  I'm pretty sure they weren't ready for this picture.

I have a video of us in the party bus, but I don't think this blog is ready to handle it quite yet.  Needless to say, we were all incredibly sad to arrive back in the BX at 4am, but it didn't stop us from party party partyin'!

I just realized all the good Encaenia and PADD pictures are on my parents camera, and I need to go to bed because 1) I'm tired, 2) I'm getting sick and my roomie Katie had really bad tonsilitis last week so that sucks, 3) I need to get up and get stuff for my parents' anniversary tomorrow, and 4) If I keep watching Diners Drive-ins and Dives I will eat, like, some brisket.

Okay, not brisket because we don't have any.  But something like that.  Yeah.

It is monsooning, I hope my stuff doesn't get wet, and I really need to unpack because I have no clothes.

Not an exaggeration,

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