Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some Thangs I Did in Hawaii

So I didn't blog all week in Hawaii, and that's okay with me because I was too busy doing awesome stuff, eating lots of noms, and falling asleep at 9pm.   But now I'm all like, "crap I was in Hawaii for a week and didn't blog at all and now I'm leaving today" so here's some stuff I did.

I ordered a bagel with veggie cream cheese and they were like, nah man, we don't have that, but we can give you a bagel with cream cheese and veggies on it, so I got this.  And I ate it, and it was delicious.

I waited for like seven million hours in Old Lahaina for the Fourth of July fireworks, and I had to sit on the road, but then these happened, and it was worth it.

I got this sunburn, even though I put on a lot of sunscreen, and I'm just like, how is my skin that red??  How was it that white??  Why does this always happen to me???

I also got a sunburn on my knee in this weird shape because evidently I missed that spot when putting on sunscreen, so it looked like I had some weird skin disease.

I took a ride in the car with my fam up around the top of Maui until it said that the state highway ended, which I didn't really understand because it's not as if the road was that populated before the highway supposedly ended.  And then we saw some cool stuff like this.

And some more cool stuff like this.

I took some goofy pictures.

I can't even pretend to understand myself.

I told my parents what planking was, so they were like, you wanna plank that rock?  So I did and then this happened.


We went ziplining which was reallysuperawesomecool but apparently I didn't get the joke in this picture.

I have some really neato pictures of ziplining because there were some mad long ziplines, but here's a video my mom took of me on the first (and shortest) one.  

I'm just so cool, bro.  Too cool for school.

And I did some other stuff too like a luau and jetskiing and shopping and eating and stuff but all those pictures are on my camera and I don't have my memory card reader so I guess those will just have to wait!  But now I have to get on a plane and travel like 18 hours back to New York where my apartment and job are waiting for me and it's like WOAH REAL LIFE CRAZY all over again.

I could totally be all cheesy like "Aloha Hawaii" here which is what I would do if I was fourteen and had a LiveJournal but OH HEY WHAT THE HECK!!!....


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