Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake? Earthquake!!

We just felt the earthquake in Manhattan.  Normal.

I work on the 15th floor, so we were all sitting at our desks after eating Five Guys for lunch from our boss (it's been a really strange day, people) and everything started shaking and kind of bouncing up and down.  I didn't think anything of it at first until my coworker Hannah said, "Do you guys feel that??"  Someone on CNN described it like airplane turbulance - it was a little bit like that.  We all stood up and looked around and were very confused, and everyone ran into the main office asking "did you feel that?  Did you feel that??"  We didn't know if it was an attack or an explosion or an earthquake.

I had my Twitter up because I'm really professional at work, and I tweeted, "NYC did you just feel an earthquake?"  Then I saw that a couple of people had hashtagged #earthquakenyc and I told the office that it was trending on Twitter.  We were able to feel a little bit of relief that it probably wasn't an attack, but I was still shaking.  News of an earthquake in DC appeared on CNN within a minute, and news of feeling it in NYC came up in a few more.

We couldn't believe that the epicenter was in Virginia and we felt it in New York.  After a couple of minutes, the cell service wasn't working anymore.  Too many people were texting and calling each other.  I emailed my parents to let them know what had happened, and they were shocked too.  We noticed that many of the buildings across the street were empty, but the fire safety director did not tell us to evacuate, so we stayed at our desks.

My coworkers are a little more worried than I am, one of them rightfully so, because she is still trying to get ahold of family.  We're all a little shaken up (HAHAHA GET IT GUYS GET IT??)  It's been about an hour since the quake and I think that work is done for the day because all of the news is now going to be about the earthquake.  We're hoping that there won't be any aftershocks.  And we ate some Jolly Ranchers.

I wonder if the Fordham seismic station felt this earthquake?!?!?

I could never live in California.


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