Friday, February 17, 2012

Georgetown Cupakes Soho (get in my belly please)

Hi friends!  I haven't blogged in a long time because obviously I'm exceedingly busy and important.  Or, like, the opposite of those two things.

However, I've found myself saying "I should TOTALLY blog about that" many times recently, so I decided to do it.  So now I'm doing it.  Hurray!

It's the middle of February, and it's been a strangely warm winter.  I have barely had to bundle!  It's fantastic!  Oh, except for like one day last weekend.  When it was freezing.  When Heather and I decided to stand outside in Soho for an hour.  With inappropriately light coats on.

But it was worth it.  Because... Because...

Georgetown Cupcakes.

Now, some may hate on the fact that I waited in line just for cupcakes.  But LISTEN, people.  I like Georgetown Cupcakes.  And I like doing things on Saturdays that don't involve sitting in my apartment watching Netflix because I watched all of Downton Abbey, so what's the point anyways??

This was the line to get into the shop.  They were giving out a free cupcake just for waiting in it, from 12-9pm.

Oh wait, did I say that was the line?  I lied.  That was part of the line.

This was the rest of the line (taken after obtaining cupcake, of course).

We started off back here.  Honestly, I expected it to be a lot worse.

Getting closer...

We're almost there!

(I'm fairly certain I said "we're almost there" five different times while waiting, and each time Heather told me "actually, not really."  Until we got to this point.  I'm just really optimistic, you guys.)

And then we made it inside!  The shop has a couple of places to sit at the front, and this fantastic and fun cupcake picture on the wall.

I wouldn't let Heather get a balloon because I was afraid it would blow away and she would cry, even if I tied it around her wrist.

Oh... oh my.  So many cupcakes.  How does one decide??

For the opening of the new shop, there were NYC-themed cupcakes topped with little apples (for the Big Apple cupcake), taxis (for the New York Cheesecake) and "Broadway" signs (for the Black and White).

A sampling of flavors for Saturdays (this menu is now hanging on the fridge).

Here's the back of the shop... lots and lots of pink boxes (and people packing them) ready for cupcakes.

It was pretty much a madhouse, but we got our cupcakes within 5 minutes of ordering, so it was structured well.

I tried to steal this KitchenAid mixer because it was covered in pink crystals.  However, on my way out, the woman at the door was all, "uhm, ma'am, you really can't take that.  It's called stealing."  So I put it back.

Just kidding.  Have you ever tried to lift a KitchenAid mixer?  Way too heavy for me to sneak anywhere with.

Then we went to Chipotle, where I took a picture of the box because I knew I would be cracking into it immediately upon return home and wouldn't think to take a picture because I am a fiend.

These are so darned beautiful.  There are two salted caramels (for me and Andrea), a PB fudge (for my roomie Reece's pieces) and a red velvet (my kryptonite).

Heellllooo, red velvet.  Honestly, I love red velvet, I do, but of course the best part is the frosting.  And I have to say, G-town cupcake, I was a bit disappointed.  It wasn't as cream cheese-y as I wanted it to be.

Or maybe it was just overshadowed by...

...the salted caramel.  Come to me, darling.  This was seriously outstanding.

Reece devoured his within minutes (as we both stood in the kitchen, exclaiming over how much we loved the cupcakes, like mature adults) but I made mine last a few days.  It was difficult, though.

My parents are visiting next weekend to see Rent off-Bway, and I think we're planning to take a trip down to Soho to pick up some more cupcakes at some point.  Just keep me away from Broadway, because those crowds I can't even.

Happy long weekend, everyone!  And happy PROMOTION to miss Allie Alessi - we will be celebrating tonight with a girls' night!  If I actually decide to blog more than once every two months, I promise I will post pictures.  Because obviously, we're so cool.  Or the exact opposite.

Love and I hope you missed me,

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