Monday, February 27, 2012

Brooklyn Brewery & Mardi Gras

I started making dinner tonight, and then things happened, and now Heather is on her way over to enjoy this lovely dinner with me.  So I have a little time to blog about things that happened a week ago.  Because my blog is TIMELY like that, people.

About two months ago, the ladies at Cornerstone enjoyed a lovely holiday party that included a small batch Brooklyn Brewery tour.  And I was like, man, my friends would really like that!  Too bad they only have them on weekdays, since we all work on weekdays.  And then this thing called President's Day happened, where you celebrate presidents, and you also get a day off from work.  And I was like, guys!  This is the perfect opportunity!

So we went on a Brooklyn Brewery small batch tour.

Welcome to the Brooklyn Brewery!  This is the part where they serve beer.  Not where they brew it.  Mostly because there is a bar here, and not a bunch of brew tanks.

We all listened attentively as our nameless tour guide (nameless either because he didn't introduce himself or I wasn't paying attention) told us about the history of the Brewery, gave us a rundown of the tour, and informed us that we were, in fact, crashing the Brewery, since it was technically closed.

Look!  There he is!  Our nameless, yet informative, tour guide.

Then we began a tasting of four beers.  This is Andrea holding the... wait a minute... I can remember it.  No, I swear I can.  I know what it is.  It's the.  The.  Uh.

The Radius!  Because it was originally only meant to be served within the radius of the Brewery.  See? I remembered.  It tastes like banana, FYI.

Kristine does not, in fact, like beer, so she didn't really feel the way the rest of us felt when it came to drinking the beer.

Here's the rundown of what was on tap that night, with our nameless tour guide and Erin, Tasting Room Manager, getting ready to serve the next beer.

When it came time to serve the Local 1 (a naturally carbonated, super delicious beer) I said, Kristine.  I will make you try this beer.  So she geared up...

...she went for it...

...and the result was... questionable.

Nope, no longer a question.  She just did not like it.

So she gave the rest to us.  Whee!!

Look at these beer connoisseurs with the Mary's Maple Porter.

Time to see how beer is made!  Hello, big tank.

Teach us more about beer, nameless tour guide.

More learning.

After the walking part of the tour, Andrea, Heather, and I each got another beer to try.  I tried the Brown Ale.  It was yum.

Look at those pretty faces.

Look!  I got in front of the camera too!

Anyways, we finished up our beer and headed to get some delicious Polish food at Andrea's favorite restaurant in Greenpoint, Karczma, which was worth it, despite the cold.

Here's some white borscht with a side of mashed potatoes.  I tried it, and it was delish.

I got the biggest pork chop known to man with mashed potatoes and cabbage.  Like, I said, "can I please have the biggest pork chop in the world?" and they were like, "sure!  Here it is."  Because I get things done like that.

Then we went home because it was the end of dinnertime, and pretty soon it was the next day.  Do you know what the next day was?  Mardi Gras!

My photos are incredibly lacking from Mardi Gras, but we went to Ninth Ward, at 2nd Ave between 11th and 12th.  We got fried pickles to share, hurricanes (of course), and I got a debris dip sandwich.  I'm not sure if it was actual debris, but it was spicy and delicious.

Brendanbrendanbrendanbrendan take a picture with me Brendan!

(He did)

And then a week happened.  And now it's now!

Happy Monday,

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