Thursday, March 1, 2012

Email is really important, everybody

It's March.  Happy March!  How in the world did it get to be March?

I hope you all celebrated Leap Day with gusto, as we celebrated by dressing in yellow and blue (30 Rock!) and drinking rum cocktails concocted by Mia at 12th Street, to counteract our standard whiskey-or-gin choices.  The night before, I enjoyed a glass of Viognier at Bar Boulud and indulged in eating pork belly, beef cheek, french fries, and brussels sprouts (I love brussells sprouts, you guys).  Have to end February with a bang, everyone!

So I basically saved this blog for the end of the day and now my brain is too fried to write anything interesting, but I wanted to share with you all an example of important work conversations.  Sorry, Dad, for being the guinea pig on this one:

Emoticon 101, you guys.


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