Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Post-grad Spring Break (it exists if you want it to!)

I'm back!  I made it!  My cruise ship didn't sink!  Oh, lucky me.

I told myself I'd go to bed at a decent hour tonight, and the night goes by fast when you work late, so I'm not going to blog about the trip just yet.  It was a fantastic time, I DIDN'T GET A SUNBURN!, and I didn't go completely broke in the process.  Oh!  And I met so many bros!  Bros from all different culture.  It was an analytical study of bros.  BUT MORE ON THAT LATER.  Becky will kill me if I don't put pictures up soon, since it generally takes me about three months to do so, so I'll share with you this awesome video that I took while I put up Facebook pics.

Basically, my fam and I were all, "this excursion sounds fun, we'll drive around some motor boats and then climb up a waterfall, so scenic."  And then we got in the boats and I swear I almost ran into our cruise ship because that boat was going so damn fast and the guide wouldn't let me slow down.  Just think about it.  Would you trust me piloting your speed boat?  Would you really??  I didn't think so.

Anyways, then we arrive at the Dunn's River Falls, which we realized is basically exactly what it sounds like - a cross between a raging river and a waterfall.  The stones build upon each other, so we were climbing up these humongous rocks as water came pounding down them, with only one another's hands to keep us up.  If this waterfall was in the U.S., you wouldn't be allowed to get anywhere near it.  But, well, since it's a bit hard to describe, here's a video.

CRAP I DON'T KNOW WHERE MY VIDEO WENT!  Sorry, guys.  I guess it's still on my camera.  But here are some pictures.

Yeah, that was a pretty big letdown, wasn't it?  Sorry.  I can't promise I won't do it again.  Love me anyways?

I'll have muchos things to share about St. Patty's Day, fake St. Patty's Day, this one time when I decided it would be a great idea to make a pizza and now I have a lot in my fridge even though I hate cold pizza, and other really interesting things about my life.  REALLY!  You should be quite excited.  But it's supes busy at work these days, what with four Grand Tastings coming up, so I hope to get them posted in a timely fashion.

PS: If I disappear and you're just clamoring for new entries, check out this band: www.ournameisfun.com.  You can listen to the entire album on their site, and I'm going to see them in June (anyone else going?  The tickets sold out in like 20 minutes, before anyone else I know could buy them.  New friends!).  I can already tell they're going to be my band of the season, if you will.

Enjoy the lovely weather!  Happy Spring!


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