Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Repel a D-bag (according to people from Brooklyn)

I feel like every week, I start off like "Oh man it's Monday, this is totally the worst, I wish it was the weekend" and then one second later, it's Friday again, and I'm like, "How did it get to be Friday, this is awesomecrazy!"  And then the weekend goes by in an even faster blur, and I'm back at Monday all "Seriously, Monday again?  How is this possible?"  So this continues over and over again until pretty soon I'm like thirty-five, saying, "But you guys, I thought I was just a freshman in college?!?"


This is what's on my schedule for this weekend:

Tonight I'm going to go home, make dinner, watch Hulu, fight with myself about making myself look presentable, fight with myself to make me actually leave the house, dance to "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen for fifteen minutes straight, then meet up with ^^^ this kid (Frank) downtown because I haven't seen him in ages.  He's being all studious and pre-lawyer and stuff.

I'm seeing Heather too, but she's featured on this blog an awful lot, and I couldn't find a picture of the three of us.

And I'm actually technically crashing their dinner date, but you know, it's fine.  It happens.  It's cool.  Don't give me that look!

Then, if I'm feeling brave...

I might partake in Broboken's first annual Lepre-con tomorrow.  Oh, lawsy mercy.

You see, I asked someone "Why does Hoboken have a St. Patty's bar hop when it's not St. Patty's?"

His response?  "Cuz they are awesome."

While that makes a lot of sense, and everything (no, it doesn't), but I Googled it and it turns out that the Lepre-con is happening this weekend because the "parade committee" just did this little thing called, you know, banning the city from having their annual St. Patrick's Day parade.  Now, why on earth would they do that?  Perhaps because of the excessive "lewd behavior, public drinking and other safety issues."

I totally wouldn't expect that at all of Broboken, so I'm sure that the festivities this weekend will be totally calm and uneventful and appropriate.  So yeah.  That might happen.

But one thing I'm definitely doing this weekend is seeing...

The Mimes and Mummers present Next to Normal!  I can't wait to see what these kids (along with Joshua Chase Gold, director of Mimes' Spelling Bee last year) have done with one of my favorite musicals.  And with the abundance of pre-show carb loading at Emilia's, it's sure to be a delicious night.

And it might look something like this:

(Circa 2009)

In case you didn't look closely enough, let me point out something important to you:

The original Mike Burns face, where it all began.

And then I'm headed over to the Greenwich Country Club for the first time with Jack and Jenny, but I'm not going to insert a picture here because I really want to finish writing this blog sometime soon.

Finally, here is one thing I'm not doing this weekend, but I found it pretty amusing and thought you all should know about it:


Cat Face

A party where you draw a cat face on your face. Douchebags don’t like to draw cat faces on their faces so basically there will be no douchebags. The last one of these was amazing, sweaty fun till the lights went on. With DJs Mischief, Dirty Finger, Rpeg, Jess OK. Bad Kitty phone booth.

Public Assembly

70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
9p-4a; $5 with a cat face, $20 without

(as listed on nonsensenyc)

So, there you go, kids.  If you don't want to hang out with douchebags, draw a cat face on your face.  One of life's greatest mysteries: solved.

Happy weekend!

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