Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Girls' Night(s)

This weekend was a long weekend.  Thanks, presidents!

Even though arguments can be made for the merits of men, sometimes you just need a girls' night.  That's how we felt this weekend.  So, we had two.

We had already planned a girls' night when we found out Allie got a promotion.  Hurray, Allie!  So, we celebrated with the only kind of sparkling stuff you should ever celebrate with.


Just kidding.  That was just for the lols.  I got some Cava from Vinyl Wine, around the corner, which sells both records and wine (a winning combo).

However, you just couldn't tear away the Andre from Andrea (Andre??  Andrea??  GET IT??).

There was enough buffalo chicken pot pie to feed an army (thanks, Rachael Ray!).  And after playing dress-up-Allie-and-Courtney, we headed out...

...to CVS.  24 hour stores are seriously underappreciated in this town.

So while Allie bought some respectable drug-store product...

...Heather and Andrea took pictures.

What you should do at CVS....

...what you shouldn't do at CVS.

Open 24 hours, kids.  Appreciate it.

We headed over to Summit Bar, on 9th and Ave C, which was a nice place with a relaxed vibe, classic cocktails (an Old Fashioned over here, personally!) and a heated backyard patio.  I didn't take any pictures because I felt like it would be too tacky.

BUT at Common Ground the next night, I clearly had no qualms about being tacky.  I think that the prevalence of board games helped that out.

So, it was Apples to Apples and a dirty martini.  Andrea won (by a hair), but my personal favorite combo was: adjective: "overwhelming"; noun: "giving a hug."  It may have been because it was my combo, but let's just look at this objectively, people.

We gathered up the out-of-town girls (and yes, a few guys, so I guess we cheated a bit), pushed together a few tables, and pretended like we don't live in three separate cities.  Mama Jen even put up with my exuberant picture faces.

Uh, you don't live in separate cities, you guys.  Stop hogging all the camera time.

Let's get a GROUP picture, everyone!


"Wait just one moment while I become distracted with your furry cardigan and Heather fixes her hair even though we want this picture to be totally natural and candid, of course."

"Okay now, I'll just put my arm around you, and we'll, like, all get together and smile and have our eyes open..."

"Welp, good try, everyone, but it's a bit blurry and there's mega red eye and there are boys photobombing in the background, which is what happens when boys invade girls' night."

"Look at that!  A beautiful picture of the five of us.  Well, your eyes are closed, Diana, but it was the best we could do, so we'll call it a success."

Then Alex took my camera and all of these pictures happened.

Random people.

Random people with funny faces.

Random people watching sports.

Random people... oh no wait, that's us.

Random creep in the backgrou... nope, again, that's me.

Let's all make our most flattering faces and it'll be great.

This is how we had to take all of our pictures on vacation last year because there were only the two of us.

Alas, we wrenched the camera back from him...

...but they took it back one last time for a final self-portrait.

Stay tuned for photos from our tour of the Brooklyn Brewery Monday!  So much can happen in a long weekend.


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