Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Late on the Uptake

Okay, so I know it's a day after the midterm elections, but because of this political ad assignment I have due on Friday, I've been catching up on everything I didn't vote on.  I wouldn't have voted for Linda McMahon anyways, so I'm fine with it.  Although she did come to the Four Town Fair.  It was super annoying.

Anyways, I knew about all the "Christine O'Donnell is a witch" blah blah from the Delaware election, but I did NOT know about this counter-ad from the O'Donnell camp.  Seriously?  You're going to parody Hide Yo' Kids?  Is that what you think will make you win the Delaware election?

Well, clearly it didn't work.  What a surprise.

See for yourself:

Uhm, yeah.  Right.

I think I just wrote my paper because that's really all that needs to be said.

Not a political science major,

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