Thursday, November 4, 2010

Procrastination Station

Right now I am supposed to be writing my Peace, Justice, and the Media paper, but it's 6pm and my class isn't until 2:30pm tomorrow, so my procrastination hasn't kicked in yet.  The fact that I already have an A in the class isn't helping either.  Neither is the fact that I rediscovered Pandora radio and I just came up with a really, exceptionally great station (it's the "The Bird and the Bee Station."  Listen to it, you'll thank me).  Or that my advertisement for my paper had a "hide yo' kids" parody in it, as detailed yesterday, so now it's stuck in my head.  Or that Amy sent me a Facebook message saying that I should start looking for apartments for when she graduates her program in one and a half years so I've been on Craigslist because it's fun.

Or that I have a blog.

But I WOULD like to say that actually, I've done quite a bit of work on this paper for having been sitting here for only an hour.  I have an outline and a page and a half of notes.  Look, see??:

And as I said, it's only 6pm.  Andrea will scoff at me if she reads this, as she does any time I tell her that I have a paper due soon, because she's the master of writing excellent papers at the last minute, when it counts the most.

Oh yeah, the point of this, besides to procrastinate and talk about THE REALLY BAD PAPER CUT I got today (It was from a folder and it was terribly painful and now I have a Band-aid on my right middle finger and I'm really glad I packed that bag of stuff for work the other day).  Apparently, Facebook thinks I'm a thirty-year old woman.  See evidence below:

My current Facebook sidebar advertisements:

Facebook, what in my browsing history has made you think that I have a child???  I'm pretty sure that I was Googling venues for my 21st birthday (WHICH IS ONE MONTH FROM TODAY) on my lunch break, and I was just watching the "hide yo' kids" video.  Nothing, I repeat, nothing about me screams "BABY!"  So stop it.

In addition, I do not need any interior decorating because I do not own a home.  I do not own a home because I am not even twenty-one years old yet and am not allowed to own a bottle of vodka, much less a home.  Stop pressuring me, Facebook.

Gifts for your boyfriend??  First of all, way to rub it in, Facebook.  The only online gift shopping I'm doing these days is for me, Facebook.  Second of all, you already suggested that I have a child.  You don't think I'm able to seal the deal and put a ring on it EVEN IF I HAVE A CHILD???  I'm offended, I really am.

And finally, thank you for recognizing that women are not all stay-at-home moms.  But really?  Nursing career?  How stereotypical can you be??  Yes, yes, I know that nursing school is actually incredibly difficult, but come on.  Women.  Nursing.  Stereotypes abound.

Mark Zuckerberg.  Breakin' my heart.

Eduardo was better looking in the movie, anyways.

Love and procrastination,

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