Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Infamous NYE 2011 Post

The fact that it took me nine days to muster up the strength to write this post should indicate what a night New Year's Eve 2011 was.  At it should have been, seeing as I drove down to Fordham last Friday, was entirely creeped out by the state of the empty campus, was entirely more creeped out by the state of my empty apartment, and made it down to Harlem to see my love Kristen for an epic night.  And epic it was.

But first... some current business.

At the moment, I am making PW's spaghetti and meatballs for the simple reason that the meatballs required my mixer.  This is really a problem.  I am also making chili, which I blogged about once in my first blog, so I'll post both of those here soon.  In addition, I am wearing my Christmas apron, which I will probably never take off.  I modeled it for the world in my pizza party post.

Man, that was a lot of links.  My former blogging professor would be proud.

With all of this cooking, I am most certainly proving that I will make an excellent future housewife.  This means that I will definitely have to make sure that my future child with my lover Chris Ingrao isn't fat because s/he is going to be a Broadway star, and Broadway doesn't typically like fat people.  We have decided that s/he will be named Fantasia Dijon because Broadway needs a star like that.

Yes, we have decided that is a multi-gender name.*  Deal with it.

*I have something relatively funny to say regarding names and their pronunciations.  However, I can already sense that this is going to be a long blog entry, so I will save that for another day.  If I remember, that is.  I am currently on my second glass of wine.  And I am forgetful.

Oh, also I have to say...

Oh hey, Chris Ingrao.  I love you.  And our future child.  And our shared love of Broadway, men, and alcohol.  Ziggy's: first Tuesday of 2011????  It's happening.
PS: People only read my blog because I post it on my Facebook status.  I recognize this.  I accept this.  But nevertheless... people read my blog.  I am awesome.

Now back to New Year's....

So I made my way to Harlem, where Kristen lives, anticipating lots of traffic and receiving none.  I much prefer this scenario to the opposite (planning for no traffic and getting a lot), but because of this, I arrived around 3pm... prime talk-show-watching time.  Therefore, we watched some talk-shows and caught up on life.  Dinner was SunChips and cocktails (we're on a budget, man), and then it was time to get ready.

While we were getting ready, we listened to the F You song by Cee Lo approximately seven times in a row.  We listened to it twice more after Sarah trekked all the way over to the west side from her apartment on the east side just to see our pretty faces.

Naturally, we then had a photo shoot (while watching Minute to Win It because Guy Fieri is awesome)...

I went out to buy this dress with Amy after Zumba the Monday before NYE because I had seen it at Express on Black Friday.  But on Black Friday, it was $100... and it was conveniently on sale when we went back.  I love red.

You can't see it because Kristen is being Kristen here, but she took on a pin-up persona for NYE.  I could tell even before she conveyed this to me, which means that it really worked.

Sarah wore her Spring Weekend dress from last year, and it was so festive that I couldn't miss her for the rest of the night.  Also, it has pockets.  Pockets = gold.

Once it got to around 8:30ish, we headed down to the D train to get to Rogue, down on 26th.

The bar was 1) nice, 2) not crowded, 3) didn't have a cover, and 4) not expensive.  I'm pretty sure we found the only gem in the entire city that night.

Rachel's hairpiece was out of control and amazing.  But I would expect nothing less.

Paula from the Real World was our bartender, and they gave us free party favors, which we gladly accepted.

...maybe we accepted the party favors too gladly, Sarah.

Yeah.  Way too gladly.  But we also regularly accept that Chris will jump into the back of pictures.

Pretty soon, midnight came upon us.  For some reason, we all counted down from 24 until 18, and then the next thing we knew, it was midnight.  Something must have distracted us.

And then after midnight, things got a little out of control.

Evidently, Chris tried to educate Rachel and Sarah on talking and taking pictures.

And Kristen was just being a vixen all night.  PS, she said that she was going to make this her profile picture.  She hasn't.  Liar.

When I am taking pictures, I'm always worried about looking silly when I smile.  So, I just make a silly face, so that there is no expectation to look nice.  Flawed logic?  Perhaps.

But I also got my hands on some party favors, which was crucial.  My horn wouldn't work at first, but then I realized I was just inept at horn-blowing.

Rockin' it.  As always.

And looking lovely together.

This is Chris holding the best $1 pizza ever.  I was really adamant on taking this picture, on the counter.  I think it's because one time sophomore Jake Braithwaite took an awesome emo picture by laying on my floor, putting the camera on the floor, and taking a picture of himself.

But despite drams, randos, and unexpected events, we all had a fun time... and kicked off NYE 2011 in style.

That was kind of cheesy.  Oh well, I'm over it.  I have to check on my chili.

Love and live it up: 2011,

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