Thursday, January 6, 2011

A-Pizza Party!!!

As I type this, I am falling asleep at my keyboard.  It's 8:01pm.  Why am I like eighty years old?

I agree with Jen in her text message that she just sent me: "This working for a living is exhausting."  We'd better marry rich.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

(It's funny because Jen has had seventeen jobs at a time since birth and I am consistently interning, looking for an internship, stressing about an internship, stressing about my life, or most often, all of the above)

So now for the content of this blog entry.  After I made two batches of pizza dough last week and then subsequently made a third, I invited everyone I know over to my house for homemade pizza.  And, too my great surprise, everyone I invited came, even though I live in the boonies!  I felt loved and important.

Okay I'm sorry but I have to interrupt myself here.  Enrique Iglesias is on Two and a Half Men.  Can someone please explain this to me?  

I can beeee your hero bayyyybayyyyy....

Sorry.  I'm done now.  Back to the pizza.

When everyone arrived, I had rolled out all the dough on pans (which was difficult, actually) and was almost done with making the pizza.  I delegated hosting duties (ie: pouring wine and taking pictures) to Amy, and she began snapping pictures.
My mom was my sous-chef because I'm messy when I cook (and all the rest of the time) so she likes to clean up after me.  Hey, I don't mind!

Also... this is the only picture we have of the actual pizza.  That's the last time I let Amy be the photographer.

It's very important to check your pizza often and always wear a Christmas apron.

But the real star of the party was this guy here.  No, not Jay... I'm not about to help feed his ego.

I mean this guy.  Aiden.  He stole mine and Amy and Rachel's hearts.

And he also had some sweet dance moves while he was waiting for dinner.

Dancin' with myse-elf...

Yeah, I'll probably quote song lyrics again.  I'm not going to fool anyone here.

Aiden also brought his fire truck book and wanted to take a picture of the wheel.


Rachel found a way to pass the time until the pizza came out of the oven.

Oh, hey, Andy and Ben.  You look really thrilled to be at my pizza party.

Poor Jay and Ashley.  Amy just had to take a picture of them eating.

Hey, Aiden, what do you think of my pizza??  Is it delicious??

...Aiden!!  I'm offended!  (But you're still really adorable)

And in the end... all the pizza was consumed and the world was happy.  I think this is all the evidence we need to prove that I'm an excellent chef.

PS.... I have two more batches of pizza dough!!  Pizza when we get back to school!

Love and I'm never trusting Amy with my camera again,

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