Monday, January 10, 2011

Lazy Monday

I need to learn to wear more practical shoes when planning on standing up for 4 hours at a time after a full day at work.  Also, I think that my pajamas, scented socks, and heating blanket in my bed are contributing to the fact that I may fall asleep while writing this blog entry.  I currently want to bake, paint a picture, and learn to play the guitar, but I'm too tired to get out of this very comfy pillow top bed.  Such is my life.

I think that the Northeast needs to stop snowing right now because if it uses all of its snow up this week, there will be no snow left to give me a snow day when I get back to school.  This logic is sound, in case you were wondering.  And I need to have snow days this semester because when there are snow days, we watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it is cold and we have nothing better to do.  Andrea, Heather and I are trying to watch all seven seasons before we graduate.  Currently, we are on season six, after three and a half years at Fordham.  We really need some snow days.

Speaking of Buffy, I read this article on MSNBC saying that apparently a bunch of religious groups believe that the second coming of Christ will be on May 21, 2011.  The first thing I have to say to these people is, did you even see the movie 2012??  Obviously, that movie is an accurate depiction of the end of the world, and it is not happening until December of 2012.  Get with it.

I realize that the previous sentence had nothing to do with Buffy.  Just wait a second.

Second of all, do you know what is actually occurring on May 21, 2011?  Graduation day.  Aka, the real apocalypse.  The end of the world.  Done.  Over.  Forever.  However, despite the nervous tic I have developed thinking about that awful day, I am laughing because I just have visions of graduation day looking like this (go to minute mark 3:11):

If Mayor Bloomberg is scheduled to be our commencement speaker, I'm hiding a crossbow under my cap and gown.

Speaking of dumb things and online articles, there was apparently a rumor that Facebook was shutting down on March 15th.  Not only am I shocked that I did not hear this earlier, I am also surprised that, for once, a Facebook charging money/shutting down/etc article made actual news.  Like, CNN.  Which immediately denied the rumors (big surprise) and quieted the fears of obsessive Americans everywhere.  So then I stopped hyperventilating.

But really, why would you not trust news from a reliable source like the Weekly World News??  I mean, they didn't spread a rumor about a half-man, half-bat living in a cave in the Midwest or anything.  And even if they had, it was obviously a true story.  If it wasn't a true story, they wouldn't have made a musical out of it, right?

My wisdom is endless.

To conclude, I would like to leave you with this song.  I am currently obsessed with it.

 Your life is so much better now.

You're welcome,

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