Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Should Never Plan For Anything

I cannot handle myself right now.  This statement could be true most days, but it very true right now.  "Why??" you may ask.  "Are you incredibly busy and stressed out and have papers and classes and auditions and internships and tours and other important things?"


I am bored.

I am not USED to being bored.

I am not a bored person.

I am especially not a borING person.  But we all know that.

Therefore, I have nothing to write about, except being bored.  Plus, I have become exceedingly reliant on my phone since my computer broke, and even though it's back now, it's difficult to pry my hand away from my Droid to type.  Droid does... take over your brain.

So here is a bunch of mishmash from my two-ish-something weeks back at school.  I'm so bored I don't even know how long I've been bored for.

My life.

Well, first off, I live in a hotel.  Not really.  But it really looks like a hotel.  There are also fire alarms nearly every day because Fordham really wants to make sure that the new buildings don't burn down.

Although, I don't think that steam from your shower can burn down the buildings.  They're just really careful here.

This is our too-small living room.  There is a love seat and a chair.  Because evidently, a five-person apartment doesn't need five seats.

We do have a blue accent wall, though.  Win for us.

This is our kitchen.  It's an "open floor plan," if your definition of open floor plan is having kitchen appliances in the hallway.  We run our dishwasher at least once a day.  Good thing this is a green building, or something.

My bedroom is cozy.  And also, small.  And also, red.  But you know what else it is?  Mine.  All mine.

Amy and I made strengths bags based on our StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessments, which we did at Travelers and super, super love.  I love my strengths an unnatural amount.  Hence why I designed a bag based on them.

My strengths bag is so empowering.  I'm feeling so "empowered woman" lately.  I love it.

Hey, Amy, I promise to reorder your bag.  It has improved my life tenfold.  Not to rub it in.  Oops.

In the new buildings, there is a new dining place, too.  The best attribute of this new dining place is a machine with make-your-own-ice-cream.  Yes.  Make your own.  All the time.  70+ flavors. 

I need one of these for my living room.  It can go right in the middle of the floor, because that's the only open space in the room.

My first choice was caramel with chocolate chunks.  It was the best decision I made all day.  I feel like someone milked a cow, churned it into ice cream, and served it to me right then.  That's how good it was.

It's very possible that I will gain some weight this semester.  I will worry about this at a later time.

My friends and I went downtown to do a little shopping on one of our days off a couple of weeks ago.  Right in the middle of Herald Square, instead of going to Macy's and JCPenney and all sorts of other normal stores, we found Jack's Discount Store.  It was huge.  And everything on the first floor was one dollar.

Needless to say, I went a little shop crazy.  BUT I ONLY SPENT TWELVE DOLLARS!

Among the things I bought...

Alphabet magnets for the fridge.  Since there was only one of each letter, my name was the only one we could spell.  I'm gifted like that.  For shizzle.

This is a blurry picture of Miranda with a giant lighter.  We found it.  We documented it.  It doesn't work.


Now, my sights are set on getting an internship, which is exactly what I told myself I wouldn't do this semester.  But if I've learned anything in the past two weeks, it's that just when you think you have a plan set for yourself, everything's going to turn upside down.  So where do you go from there?

Well, I don't know.  That's yet to be seen.  And that's okay.


Oh, and if you are the internship I just applied for, hello there!  Please don't take my recent lack of blogging activity as indicative of my usual habits.  And, I really, really want to interview with you.  I didn't just make that up for my cover letter paragraphSo... contact me!!

Love and looking forward,

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