Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wrestling Match

The first thing you should know before reading this post is that our guy friends love wrestling a lot.  Too much.  I was prepared for this by my ex-boyfriend who made me watch WWE on Mondays and Fridays instead of watching my movie choices.

I wanted to watch Dirty Dancing.  I was continuously rejected.

This is also why they think it's so funny that Linda McMahon is running for Senate in Connecticut.  Or Congress or something.  Does it really matter?  She is running for something governmental, and she was in the Four Town Fair parade, and if she wins, I am moving out of Connecticut, just like if Sarah Palin wins the presidency, I am moving out of the United States.

Now, back to the present day.

Andrea and I went to Zumba, which really was just hip-hop class, thanks to the Commuting Students Association.  It was super fun in and of itself, and it solidified the fact that I enjoy making a fool out of myself in public, but the BEST part was that we got free Fordham Week t-shirts.  I love free things, and I love t-shirts, but it wasn't until we got home that we noticed what they really looked like.

Oh, hey, Fordham.  Nice Fordham Ram ripping his shirt down the middle.  What are you trying to insinuate about your students?

Anyways, Andrea pointed out that this picture bore an interesting similarity to one incident at the guys' apartment last year.

Uhm, yeah.  They had a wrestling match.  This is an attempt on Jeremy's behalf to do a "walls of Jericho."

 The attempt failed.

And the tides turned.

Until Joe, the referee, stepped in to see if the match was a done deal.

But Jeremy still had some fight in him.  He wasn't about to take his shirt off, though.  That was Frank's job.

It was looking bad for Jeremy again, though.

And then something happened that we have no documentation of.  But it looked a little something like this:

Yes.  Taylor ran in, ripping off his shirt.  Rather, Jeremy's shirt that was left in Taylor's room.  Be careful with your clothing items.

So there was a new fighter in the mix.

And he was gunning for Frank.

But with this action shot... the wrestling match ends.  Because I don't remember what happened next.

Except that the apartment below them probably hated them forever.  I'm pretty sure that they started banging on the ceiling.  The guys ignored them.

Oh, and please note that this was not an isolated incident.  The walls of Jericho also appeared at my birthday party:

This time, Joe was the victim.

I think he liked it though.

Love and shirtlessness,

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