Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twilight Party, Part Two

This is a continuation of yesterday's Twilight party summary, in which I further exhibited my level of inappropriateness.  I expect that you all are used to this by now, but I must warn you... the following images may leave you disturbed.

Let's just get to it, then.

Everyone really liked their Twilight plates, so they couldn't just give them up.  Therefore, the people pictured above decided to wash them.

I will not voice my thoughts on this decision.  I will just let you form your opinions yourselves.

Oh, what?  You said you think that they're a little over-obsessed?  Oh good, we agree then.

I'm just kidding.  I love you all.

But you're just as crazy as me.

Some of our biggest Jacob friends really wanted to show their affection for him.

Joanna, on the other hand, was stuck with an Edward plate, and she was not too happy about her fate.

Erin and Colleen had no sympathy for her.  They're really the "rip the Band-aid off" kind of people.

Next, there was a Twilight board game.  We were all too tired and have too short of attention spans to actually play the game in its entirety, but we did have fun looking at the cards.

This was, by far, the grossest one.  Thank you to the wardrobe designer who decided to make Rob Pattinson look like a yucky fish.  I don't know why that's what I think about when I see this pictures, but I just feel like it's what he looks like.  A pale, limp, yucky fish.

If Rob Pattinson ever read this, he might be offended.  Sorry Rob!  I blame your makeup designer.  I met you once in person and you weren't that pale, so I believe that you can look better than this picture.


Remember when I talked about disturbing images?

These are them.

You have been warned.

Uhm... there was a life-sized Jacob cardboard cutout.  This meant trouble.

I got a little creepy.

And then I got a little inappropriate...

...really inappropriate.

I really should not be allowed in public.  I'm glad these pictures aren't brighter than they already are.


Thanks, my lovely Somers ladies, for an endlessly entertaining night.  And I'm sorry for posting these pictures a month late.  You're probably used to my procrastination already, though.

Love and life-sized cardboard cutout mania,

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