Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Obsessed With...

The milkshake machine at the deli.  Fordham clearly wants me to be fat when I graduate because now I can make my own ice cream AND make my own milkshakes.  I got mint chip.  It's amazing.

Saturday night homecoming.  I don't think I can ever describe in words how excellent it was.  I would like to repeat it every week, but as Chris Bennett said, if we did, we would be on a fast track to early death.

This Copeland album.  I can't get enough of it.  Thank you, Jay Sit.

Amy's blog.  She has a hamster.  I want a hamster.

The fact that I will finally be videochatting with my AmCo copart tonight.  I might flail in excitement.

Not doing my homework, clearly.  Seeing as I'm writing this on the subway instead of doing it.

My hair.  It looks like Maci from Teen Mom today.  But I'm glad I don't have a baby to go with it.

My newly adopted beanbag.  I rescued it from Collins before anyone else could.  This clearly underscores my superiority over everyone else.

My new boots.  I'm slowly recovering from the loss of my old ones.  These ones are waterproof.  Its a miracle.

The show "My Generation."  Except I'm scared that that will be my life in seven years.  Cry.

The show "Outsourced."  I'm pretty sure that will never be my life.  But I'll bet this show would make my dad laugh.

The flats I helped build yesterday at set build.  I can't wait to see them UP tonight.

Chris Ingrao and Mike Dahlgren's dance moves.  I wish I was as cool as them.

Text messaging.  It's a problem.

Social media.  See above.

This.  Milkshake.  O.  M.  G.

That is all.

Love and obsessed,

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