Friday, June 11, 2010

European Vaca and the Worst Packer Ever...

... = me.  Ask any of my friends, family, neighbors, RA's, other drivers on the highway... I simply cannot control how much stuff I bring with me on a trip.  When I moved into my dorm freshman year, I was thoroughly embarrassed because the entire bed of my father's truck was completely filled.  I will only say that the amount of stuff has increased year by year, and it took four hours, three hefty men, two very generous friends who got caught in the middle, and frantic little me to get all of my stuff packed and home for the summer.  Oh yeah, and we not only filled the truck (again)... we filled an entire car, too.

I'm a little obscene.  Sorry.

And ONE time, we packed the truck so full that a bag flew off the back.  But that's another story for another time.

Anyway, this whole over-packing obsession is not very conducive to taking a two-week tour through Europe.  This is because the definition of a tour is that you move around a lot, and your suitcase can't be seven thousand pounds, or else you wouldn't be able to carry it, and it would break the bus.  And then everyone would be mad at you, plus you wouldn't get to see all of the cities on your tour, and you would be unpopular and untraveled and out of three grand.  So I'm planning on avoiding that scenario.

[Side note: It's just such a coincidence that I started this new blog two days before going on a life-experience trip around Europe.  Just look at how all that timing worked out!  I'm so lucky.  And sarcastic.]

So what am I supposed to do when I have to pack clothes for fifteen days, seven cities, several different climates, lots of rain, lots of walking, and plenty of nighttime fun?  Well, I brought in the big guns.

I brought in my mother for backup.

You see, because if I am the most indecisive, least patient, and least efficient packer on the face of the earth, my mother is probably the most decisive, patient, and efficient packer.  Maybe those genes skip a generation.  So luckily, she helped me decide what was an acceptable versus obscene amount of clothes to take, and then she generously packed everything for me.  All in all, so far, it looks a little like this:

And this would be with only my clothing and shoes.  Yeah, we'll see how this turns out tomorrow.

In regards to that little vacation thing that I am going on tomorrow (tomorrow??  What??  I just fainted), I'm going in a big circle around Western Europe, and here's the map below:

As you can see, my flight tomorrow will be landing in Amsterdam (well, London, technically, then Amsterdam) for our first stop!  I'm not sure how my super-inferior-to-Droid phone will fare with picture updating, but I'll try my best.

Coming up next time... the end of the packing saga, a short trip to the Bronx, the excitement of airports, (hopefully) uneventful customs inspections, and THE BEGINNING OF A ROMP THROUGH EUROPE!!!

Love and too many pairs of shoes,

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