Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome to Amsterdam! (Delayed)

I was sending my blog posts to the wrong email server, so here is an entry from Sunday (arrival day). Now that I have figured this out, I hope to update soon!

Sunday, June 13th:

Two flights
One broken seat back
One in-flight movie
Lots and lots of turbulence
Slight envy of first class
A salmon-cream cheese roll
A new stamp in my passport from customs
An overpriced, bitter grande coffee from Starbucks
Five hours waiting in the airport
Unreliable email
One bus ride
One cozy hotel room for three
And a hot shower
= my European experience thus far.

Despite the setbacks, the flight and all of its logistics ran pretty smoothly. Our tour guide is laid back and the group of ten that had to wait in the airport for hours has bonded a bit. We are all having trouble keeping our eyes open, but the promise of the Red Light District later is making us stay
up! Plus, we NEED some food... And we need our tour guide to show us where that is!

Email is unreliable, but lets hope that I can send another update tomorrow!

Love and jetlag,

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