Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The hills are alive!

We did so much in Amsterdam that there is no possible way for me to include it here. We went to the Anne Frank house, went to a (very anticlimactic) tulip museum, celebrated the Holland soccer win over Denmark, took a canal cruise, saw the Van Gogh museum, the museum of handbags, and the Rijksmuseum (spelling may be incorrect), went through the Heineken experience, and experienced the Red Light District (yes, it is everything they say it is). Plus, we ate pannenkoeken, Chinese food, and a delicious waffle cookie with icing on it, became pros at the city tram, and did a lot of walking. Somehow, I have a feeling that that doesn't even list it all.

I promise to include more descriptions and pictures when I get home, but right now we are on our way to Heidelberg, in the country of my name's origin. I fell asleep on the bus, and two hours later, I woke up to us driving through the most beautiful countryside. I wish I could adequately describe what Germany looks like, but I can't. It's something you have to experience for yourself.

Everywhere you look, there is green. I'm not saying that I haven't experienced green - Somers is pretty rural, after all - but this is different somehow. There are hills and fields everywhere, all different shades of green. As we're turning a corner, I think that it will stretch forever, hills rolling on and on, when a town appears in the middle of the valley. All of these houses in the middle of miles of countryside - at first they seem out of place, but really, they look cozy, nestled into the side of a hill.

I feel like the Sound of Music is outside my window (and yes, I know that the musical took place in Austria, not Germany). I even saw a church way up on the top of the hill, all by itself. We have an hour and a half left of driving, and I am excited to see what a German city looks like. We are starting quickly, going on a walking tour and seeing a castle. Tomorrow we are staying in Germany, traveling to Munich for one night.

Goal for Germany: eat lots of authentic German food and see EVERYTHING in just two days!

Love and weinerschnitzel,

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