Saturday, June 19, 2010

Viva Italia!

Arrival at our hotel in Italy! We are staying in Cavallino, which is very residential and beautiful. Hotel isn't that great, and I tried to do laundry, but we have to keep our room closed up so I am afraid it won't dry by the time we leave! We ate overlooking the beach at sunset, and I got a margherita pizza. It was only seven euros for the whole pizza (which I should have shared, I didn't finish it) and three glasses of vino dolce. In every city, I like the food more and more! This one takes the cake... It's cheap AND delicious!

We spent the night hanging out on the beach. Now I can say that I went swimming in Italy at night. The water was very shallow, sow e could walk out far and still be able to stand. It was a lot warmer than the water in New England!

Today we are in Venizia for real... I can't wait to see it all!

Love and pizze Italia,

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