Friday, June 18, 2010

Snapshots of Munich

Munich has probably been my favorite city so far. Even though it was raining for a good part of our time there, we had a blast. The main city "platz," or square, has amazing architecture. It is also strange to think that most of the city is rebuilt due to World War 2. I took so many pictures, and I will be uploading a bunch when I get back to the US.

We took a very wet bike tour through the city, and our local guide was so interesting. We went all around and stopped for dinner as well. Even though we were all soaked and freezing, we had a ton of fun, and I feel like I actually got to know the city well.

There will be a series of photos to come, so check them all out!

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  1. Courtney- It sounds like you are having lots of fun. I mean how many people get to take a bike ride in the rain through Munich! I love to read your blog! Mom