Friday, July 30, 2010

10 Things You Learn from the TechDPi Summer Challenge

On Wednesday, July 28th, Amy and Courtney finally learned how to breathe again as the Travelers TechDPi Summer Challenge came to an end.  Not only did they completely rock it out and become promoted to co-CEO's of Travelers, they also learned a thing or two.

1) College kids make everything into a competition.  It was probably all that Wild and Crazy Kids we watched back in the day.

2) Real-world people make everything into a competition too.  Don't let them fool you.

3) Nobody likes to be the project manager during the project.  If they tell you they do, they're lying. 

4) Everybody likes to be the project manager after the project is finished.  If they tell you it doesn't matter to them, they're lying.

5) The man who created the concept of "Happy Hour" was definitely a project manager.

6) The chocolate stash that you keep in your drawer runs out a lot faster when you're three days away from a deadline.  But you deserved it, right?  Right?  Validate me please?

7) How to do this:

I swear this was my first try. I have superpowers.

8) Those "funny quirks" that your team members have aren't so funny by week two.  Or three.  Or eight.

9) When you're working on a live problem for a project, it's easy to develop severe dependencies on alcohol. And on Chinese food. Just ask Amy's local liquor store and Chinese take-out place. They gave her free extras for being a "valued customer" when we went there last week.

10) Vacations are really, really necessary.  Which is why we are (both!) leaving on one... tonight!! 

Love and the joys of being an intern,

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