Friday, July 30, 2010

Fo'Schiessl Fest 2010

Hello and welcome to Fo'Schiessl Fest 2010. The event has officially started.

I will be taking you along to the first ever F'SF on this very blog that you have come to know and love.
My name is Courtney, and I will be acting in the role of "comic relief" for this trip.

The skeptical looking woman is my mother, who is hidden behind all of the stuff that wouldn't fit in the trunk.

The shades in the rearview mirror belong to my teenage brother Jonathan, who will look at me like the crazy person I am for the entire week, while secretly thinking I'm hilarious.

My father, not pictured, has allowed Teenage Brother to drive part of the way, which will likely result in muttering and arguing, which will definitely result in sarcastic comments from yours truly.

It is hour one of the double digit hour trip to North Carolina, and we have already needed to resecure a piece of the car.  Things can only go up from here.

Love and NOT the movie Road Trip,

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